#N97MiniTrunk Challenge Four Gaming

As we told you before we are in the #N97MiniTrunk Challenge conducted by awesome friends over at WOMWorld Nokia. We are competing against teams from around the world to Win a N97 Mini.

Team 1: Vaibhav – The Symbian Blog;
Team 2: Andrew – OpenAttitude.com
Team 3: Lee – Random Thoughts of a Techie;
Team 4: bongkersz – The Flaccid Mind;
Team 5: Devin – The Nokia Guide;
Team 6: Aditya – Aditya Singhvi’s Phones;
Team 7: Rita – The Symbian Guru;
Team 8: CJ – Gadgetized;
Team 9: Myself and Irfan from LoveMyNokia.

Here we present you the four challenge in #N97MiniTrunk Series.

In this challenge we decided to let you guys take it easy, and demonstrate how easy gaming can be with N97Mini Device.

We described the types of games we can play in N97Mini such as accelermeter based gaming, magnetometer gaming flash gaming and the epic snake and ladder gaming. The trunk came with awesome large scale board for snake and ladder with a air filled dice.

Have a Look at the video.

Let us know what you think.

Follow the status of all teams by following this keyword #N97MiniTrunk