New Update for Universal Search for Symbian Smartphones is Out in Nokia BetaLabs

Nokia Betalabs just released the new version of Universal Search for Symbian Smartphones.  This new version fixes many bugs and increase the performance of the client.

From Nokia Betalabs :

Universal Search has been designed to make it easier and faster to find on-device . With one query you can now find things like contacts, messages, music on a Nokia phone, or in Nokia apps like Maps and Store, and on the web. Getting the right result quickly is the key to a good Search app. Universal Search continually learns from the device’s location, usage and user preferences to deliver the most relevant results in milliseconds.

We’ve been testing the Search client for several weeks as part of a closed trial. This latest client addresses many of the issues identified by early beta testers.  So we invite you to give it a try and let us know what you think!

– The Nokia Search Team

Download here —> Universal Search for Symbian