[Video] Meego’s second Life AKA Jolla’s SailFish Mobile Operating System Announced!


Nokia employees who have been working on Meego Harmattan and Qt have started a company called Jolla. Today Jolla announced its first Mobile Operating System called SailFish. Jolla’s SailFish Announcement and UI design Video :      Jolla’s Sailfish UI – Hands-On Preview   Sailfish OS demoed on N950  

Rocket Twitter client for Nokia N9 Review


Eventhough Nokia have announced that their primary platform is Windows Phone. The community surrounding the Symbian and Meego is still strong as we can see new apps in store often. Today we are going to have a look at new Rocket Twitter client for Nokia N9 by Ural Khamitov. This twitter client comes with lots of features one […]

Nokia N9 PR 1.3 Video and List of Changelogs!

n9 pr1.3

  Nokia N9 PR 1.3 update have started rolling out in many coutries. Here is the official change-log and user reported change-log from TMO threads.   Official Nokia N9 PR 1.3 changelog:   Over 1000 quality improvements including Mail, Facebook, Twitter, minor network & connectivity improvements. Version 40.2012-21.3 (Official changelog) Twitter (1.3.50+0m8) Nokia Store (3.24.010+0m8) Nokia Music (0.4.5-1+0m8) Nokia […]

Nokia confirms N9 PR 1.3 Update! Rolling out in few weeks time.


Nokia N9 PR 1. 3 update with many quality improvements and also with default application improvements is rolling out today. As per the Nokia Support Discussions blog this update is to be released in batches. The update will be first rolled out to non branded variants of N9 and later to the carrier variants.   Hi everyone, […]

Nokia N9 PR 1.2 Rolling out!


  Nokia N9 PR 1.2 Rolling out! Its looks like Nokia on a Roll today. Harri Viitamäki just tweeted that he got a notification of PR 1.2 update in his Nokia N9. According to zlatko PR1.2 available for FOTA in selected countries! .   My #NokiaN9 just notified about a update to version 30.2012.07-1 283,1Mb in size. Woot […]

[Video] Nokia N950 PR 1.2 Walk through and Comparison with N9 PR 1.1


  Nokia N950 PR 1.2 video is here! Thanks to Amanda Lam . Here we present the Nokia N950 PR 1.2 video. In this video Amanda Lam compares it with the Nokia N9 which is running PR 1.1. Check out the video below.     The video is in Cantonese with English subtitles. Missed the screenshots of PR 1.2 ? […]

Nokia N950 PR1.2 Changelogs and Screenshots!


Nokia N950 PR1.2 is OUT! Nokia Developer Forum today announced the release of PR 1.2 version for the Nokia N950 Meego Developer Device. This is a new firmware with lot of bug fixes and new features such as dropbox integration, folder support etc.. This firmware is available for the N950 owners via OCF aka One Click Flashers […]

Nokia N9 White Unboxing Video and Pictures


Nokia N9 White gotta be the sexiest smartphone! Its glossy body and  awesome build makes everyone drool over it! Lucky folks from Nokians.fr got a Nokia N9 64GB version and here is the visual unboxing treat of the sexiest smartphone! Nokia N9 White Pictures: Via Nokians.fr