Experience the Nokia N9 in Augmented Reality !


Today Nokia have launched a special Nokia N9 Augmented  Reality site where you can interact with the Nokia N9 using your mouse or your webcam. The Augmented Reality starts with Axel Meyer explanation of Nokia N9 design followed by a series of videos where you can interact with the Nokia N9. The Augmented Reality series takes […]

Nokia N9 Cyan Gallery!


Nokia N9 is the latest Meego smartphone from Nokia. Its stunning design and the build quality makes the competitors drool at the phone. The N9 comes in four color variants such as black,cyan,magneta and white. The good folks at NokiaConnects.com send us a cyan Nokia N9 to try. Here we present you some cool hands-on […]

Enable AIM/ICQ/MSN/Yahoo Messenger in Nokia N9/N950


Enable  AIM / ICQ / Jabber/Yahoo / MSN / QIP / Vkontakte in your Nokia N9 / Nokia N950. Niwakame from Maemo forum have published three deb files which when installed enables adding accounts such as AIM ICQ Jabber MSN QIP Vkontakte Yahoo And you can chat with the friends in the above networks from the Messaging app itself. […]

Simple Trick to enable Twitpic from N9 / N950 Gallery!

n9-twitpic (5)

Thanks to Ural Khamitov. He just found a simple hack which enables twitpic from N9 / N950 gallery. This hack need superuser permission and nano editor. To enable twitpic from Nokia N9/N950. 1.Open Terminal and enable super user mode devel-su password : rootme 2. Then type nano /usr/share/accounts/services/twitter-share.service 3.Open the twitter-share.service file and scroll till […]

Sports Tracker now available for N9 and Windows Phone version coming Soon!


Sports Tracker , the famous app to track and analyze your sports performance is now available for N9 / N950 . Turn your mobile into a social sports computer with Sports Tracker! Track and analyze your performance, share workout data and photos with your friends, and most of all – get fit and stay healthier. […]

Sigma Music Player for N9 / N950 with Eye Candy UI and Equalizer!


Thanks to friends at SymbianTweet. We just spotted a cool Music Player for Meego smartphones with cool UI and 10 preset Equalizer built-in. This music player is called Sigma. Currently the app is in beta stage and you many encounter bugs while reading filenames which includes non-ASCII characters. The MusicPlayer comes with 10band equalizer Shuffle […]

Custom Made N9 wallpapers by @Mandeep_Themes


Mandeep Singh mailed me few wallpapers. It was custom made with perfect dimensions of N9/N950 screen size. I liked the concept and thought you guys would love to have them too.. Download them below.. Have a concept in mind. Let him know via comments or @Mandeep_Themes.

fMobi for Nokia N9 and N950 Beta Out!


The awesome facebook client for Symbian is now available for Meego in beta. Try it out and report the developer. In main window you can select functionalities. When in some function, you have toolbar on your left where you can quickly move to another functions.Almost in all functions you can go to user wall, by […]