MyMoves app brings system-wide gestures for #N950


Introducing MyMoves app which brings system-wide gestures for Meego Harmattan. MyMoves app is desgined and coded by Topi Santakivi. This app was written in written in QML/C++. The basic idea of the app is to  create a gesture and use it to open the apps using the gesture. MyMoves App UI : The MyMoves app […]

[Gallery] Nokia N950 Unboxing and Comparison by Rsuplido


Nokia N950 is the powerful Meego smartphone available exclusively to Developers ONLY. Rsuplido, MeeGo & Maemo Forum admin and Meego Developer got his DevKit and he posted 50+ high quality pics about the N950. The Gallery consists of N950 unboxing , Various angle shots of N950 and the N950 Comparison with N900, iPhone4 and N8. Checkout […]

Nokia N9 releasing in August end ? A Russian Retailer says so!


We got a Tip from a user who Quoted the site called who have the pre-order page of N9 and claims it will available on August 26 2011. Nokia announced the N9 in Nokia Connections Singapore. But Nokia never revealed the date of release and price. This Khazakstan site claims the price as 470 […]

N900 Quad Boot : Maemo, Meego, NITDroid, and Kubuntu Mobile! WOW!


This is AWESOME Work! The legacy N900 is back with bang! Heard of Quad Boot ? I was just browsing throught Maemo forums and stumbled on a thing called N900 Quad Boot : Maemo, Meego, NITDroid, and Kubuntu Mobile. Its so awesome to see a device quad boot four different operating systems.skykooler have made it possible all […]

Nokia N9 Roundup : Tons of Pictures and Videos


Nokia launched the awesome First Meego smartphone Nokia N9 yesterday. It features swipe UI. Here in this post we bring you a round-up of all best pictures and video of N9. Nokia N9 promo : Nokia N9 Messaging Hands-on Nokia N9 Camers Hands-on Nokia N9 Maps and Browser Hands-on FoneArena: Nokia N9 Official Pictures Collection […]

[Video] Nokia N9 video leaked with Harmattan UI aka Maemo 6 ?? or Meego ?


Meego Conference is getting closer. Its scheduled on 23 May 2011 at San Francisco. Today PocketNow have released a New N9 teaser promo. From the video we can see N9 comes with Full QWERTY keypad 12MP auto focus cam with dual LED Slim design Symbian Anna like rounded icons As Nokia have clearly stated before […]

Intel Looking out for New Meego Partner Intel CEO says!


As Nokia announced its new strategy of choosing Windows Phone as its “Primary” smartphone platform. The open source awesomeness Meego is shattered into pieces. Thank God Intel is not dropping it. Intel showcased its new MedField processor which is a pretty decent competitor to the ARM chips. Intel CEO Paul Otellini in a meeting with […]