Lumia 800 – Social Network at your Fingertips!


Lumia 800 is the new flagship Windows Phone from Nokia. Today we will take you through the social network capabilities which we loved using in this phone. As a Symbian Fan I used Nokia Social at the first but then I switched to Gravity app which is much better and it also have complete integration […]

[Video] Lumia 800 In Ice!


Lumia 800 is put in the center of ice and the audience are asked to break the thick Ice slab to let the Lumia free. The successful ice breaker gets a free Lumia . As a part of Amazing Everyday campaign Nokia Germany have put up thick ice slabs with Lumia 800 in center of […]

Nokia Developers Alert! Upto 25,000 Lumia 800 Developer Gifts are ready for you!


Hello Nokia Developers as Nokia promised before they are giving out upto 25,000 Lumia 800 for the developers. The Nokia Lumia 800 Developers Gifts are now ready to be ordered at Nokia Developer Forum. To receive you developer gift you must be a member of Nokia Developer Launchpad . Login to your Launchpad account and click […]

USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800 How To Tutorial!


We Symbian users just love the USB Mass Storage mode in our devices. When I got the Lumia 800 I just hate the way of syncing everything via Zune. I was searching for a hack to enable USB Mass storage mode in Lumia 800. I found it in and XDA  that it can be enabled on […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Unboxing!

nokia lumia 800

Thanks to Nokia Connects Team. We just got the Nokia Lumia 800 for review. We are starting with the Unboxing video of the device.   We have planned todo lot of things with this Lumia 800. Watch out for our posts on Lumia 800 and Windows Phone Mango. Want to check anything specific please let us know […]

Try Out Windows Phone 7 Now!

windows phone

If you’ve ever wondered how Windows Phone 7 would actually work on your phone, now you can run it for yourself on your smartphone – it works on iPhone, Android and even PCs… how does this even work? Well, Microsoft have taken the unusual step of setting up a web-based demo of the OS. There […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Survives Two Story Drop


This is a guest Post by Amelia. The Lumia 800 handset is pretty tough! Don’t you believe in that? Read on to learn more about how it has proven it has a really good build quality. One of the users claims his one-year-old son accidentally dropped the phone from the window in a hotel room, […]

Nokia to capture 50% market-share in India within 2012! Get Ready for the Next Big Campaign!


Nokia revealed four feature phones in ASHA series and two windows phone smartphones in Lumia Series at Nokia World, London. Today Economic Times published that the Nokia India Vice-President and Managing Director D Shivakumar said that the Nokia is planning to capture 50% of market share in India within 2012. He said this will be completed […]