Nokia Music+ announced


      This week Nokia announced their new Nokia Music+ service, which is a premium add-on to their free Mix Radio service.   You’ll get a number of benefits once you put down the coin. Firstly, you’ll be able to skip songs whenever you like – the standard Mix Radio, like Pandora, only allows a limited […]

The iPhone 5 vs the Nokia Lumia 920


  When purchasing a new mobile phone, it is a good idea to consider your options and make an informed choice. Currently, during the holiday season, shoppers must make a tough decision as to which phone they will choose; either the iPhone 5 or the Nokia Lumia 920. Each phone has its own merits which […]

Nokia And DeadMau5 Calls for Another Epic Party!


Remember the last Nokia Lumia 800 Launch Party where Nokia celebrated the launch using the advanced 4D projection technology on one of the London’s landmark Millbank Tower.     Nokia transformed the iconic building into a sensational music show with Deadmau5 rocking the floor.     The latest teaser from Nokia UK points at another EPIC […]

Nokia Drive App In Lumia 510

Screen Capture (5)

Nokia Drive is one of the key app from the Nokia Exclusive apps for Lumia Series of Windows Phone Smartphones. Nokia released the app for Lumia 800 without offline mode when it was released. But now the Nokia Drive app for Lumia is as good as the Nokia Drive app you can find on Symbian […]

Nokia Lumia 510 Unboxing


Nokia Lumia 510 is the recently announced Windows Phone Smartphone with Windows Phone 7.5 . It was announced in an Event in India. It is priced between Rs 9000 – 10000 and available throughout the country. It is the most affordable Lumia Windows Phone. It is powered by Snapdragon S1 800 MHz Processor and 256MB […]

[Video] Windows Phone 8 Live Apps and Live Tiles Customization


Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP of Windows Phone, shows there’s a lot to love about Windows Phone 8. He starts from the customizable Start screen that includes Live Apps that give you real-time information at a glance to the Windows Phone Store that now includes 120,000 Microsoft-certified apps.      

[Video] Windows Phone 8 People Hub and Kids Corner


Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP of Windows Phone, shows how you can childproof your phone with Kid’s Corner, collaborate with your family or coworkers in Rooms in the video demo attached below. From Kid’s Corner, which childproofs your smartphone, to Rooms that allow you to share photos, calendar appointments, messages and more with your family or […]

[Video] Meet the new Windows Phone 8


Hear from  Joe Belfiore about various new features of the Windows Phone 8 in the below attached detailed video. He explains some of the most exciting new features in Windows Phone 8, including Kid’s Corner, Rooms, Live Apps, and more. Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP of Windows Phone, shows how you can childproof your phone with […]