Nokia India kicks off PDD Contest! Lumia 900 and a free Party waiting for you!


  Nokia India have announced a fun filled contest around Nokia City Lens app. Nokia City Lens is the new Augmented reality app which combines the power of Nokia maps with your Lumia camera to explore the world in a fun hassle free way. Take your Lumia out, open the Nokia City Lens app and you […]

Hack Nokia Belle FP2 in Nokia 808,700,701 and 603 without Flashing!


  Hack Nokia Belle FP2 Now! Nokia improved security in new Belle FP2 firmware which strikes out the old anti-virus hacks which used to work in Symbian Belle and Belle FP1. Today Il.Socio spotted that a chinese File Manager called “Safe Manager” have access to System files by default. This tutorial involves patience as you need to […]

Nokia Belle FP2 for 808 PureView,700,701 and Nokia 603 now rolling out


Nokia Belle FP2 for Nokia 808 was spotted in NaviFirm long before. Today Nokia is officially rolling out the much needed Nokia Belle FP2 firmware for 808 PureView, Nokia 700,701 and 603. This update is available via OTA and also via Nokia Suite. The main changelogs are Swipe to Unlock lockscreen New keyboard layout with […]

Lumia 920 VS iPhone 5 Visual Comparison


Eugen from  just posted a video of the Lumia 920 lined up against the iPhone 5. In the below Eugen compares the Lumia 920 with the iPhone 5’s design and thickness.     via Wp7Forum and Timur Khamidov    

Five apps that every Nokia user should own


Everyone has their own personal favourite app – the one that they just can’t live without. Whether it’s the Facebook app or the Flickr app there is at least one that every Nokia user needs to have around at all times. Apps have become as commonplace and necessary as phones themselves and in some cases […]

Low Light Camera Showdown : Nokia 920 Vs iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy SIII Vs Nokia 808


  Thanks to Mark at here we have the great video showing off how good the Lumia 920 PureView Camera with Optical Image Stabilization is. In this video Nokia’s camera design engineer Ari Partinen explains how good the 920 Low light pictures are in a very closed dark environment.     Picture Via @Partinen  

The @Nokia_Connects Mysterious Lumia 920 Package Pictures.


  I just received a package from folks @Nokia_Connects. It was labeled as Nokia Lumia 920. (( Heartbeat rises)) I was surprised to check whats inside. Here are the pictures of what I found inside the Nokia Lumia 920 Chrome box.     As you can see there are three cards explaining the key features of […]

Nokia confirms Bluetooth Multimedia File Transfer update for all Lumia Smartphones!


  Nokia today officially confirmed that they are bringing out “Bluetooth file transfer to send media files via Bluetooth from your Lumia device to any other phone” – the most wanted Symbian feature to all WP7.8 devices such as Lumia 900,Lumia 800, Lumia 710 and Lumia 610.  Last month Nokia also introduced an array of new […]