Lumia Music – Tile based Music Visualization app for Lumia 800


Lumia Music is a very rich music visualization application for Lumia 800 and other Windows Phone 7 Smartphones. This app is simple and it responds to music with cool Lumia Tiles or oscilloscope display with bright tile backgrounds. To use it in your Lumia 800 just play any song via default music player or any […]

Lumia 800 Live Translate using Bing Vision!


Lumia 800 and other windows phone smartphones have the quick search button. I just want to let you know that the search button can be used as a live translate tool too. The inbuilt Bing search consists of a eye icon aka image button. When you click this button it opens up the camera viewfinder. […]

LoveMyNokia Wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2012 !! Some Titbits from 2011!

nokia-2012 Team Wish You all a Very Happy New Year. May The Year 2012 brings  Happiness,Success filled with Peace, Hope & Togetherness of your Family & Friends.    The Past 2011 :   Nokia announced its new transition from so called burning ship aka Symbian platform to the Windows Phone 7 as their Primary Platform exactly at […]

Apps From Nokia Section Shows Up in Lumia 800 Indian Version!

Apps From Nokia

Windows Marketplace is the Windows Phone 7 app store from which you can download apps and games for your Windows Smartphone. As Nokia is the important partner in the Windows Phone ecosystem adding to its perks Nokia now have the seperate category in Windows Phone marketplace called the Apps from Nokia . This section is […]

Lumia 800 – Social Network at your Fingertips!


Lumia 800 is the new flagship Windows Phone from Nokia. Today we will take you through the social network capabilities which we loved using in this phone. As a Symbian Fan I used Nokia Social at the first but then I switched to Gravity app which is much better and it also have complete integration […]

Lumia 800 Drop Test ! Check this out!

Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800 is based on the Nokia N9 design featuring a gorilla glass at the front and solid plastic body. Folks from Singtel tests the Lumia 800 build quality by scratching it against a wall and dropping it multiple times. As all Nokia smartphones the Nokia Lumia 800 also survives the damage. Check out the video […]

Nokia MixRadio App is replaced with Slacker Internet Radio for Lumia 710 T-Mobile version


TWICE aka This Week In Consumer Electronics reports that the Nokia MixRadio App will not be preloaded in Lumia 710 T-Mobile version. Chris Weber Nokia US lead said that “The $49 Lumia 710 will become the “hero” phone in the carrier’s winter promotion campaign”. He also added that the phone will be out on Jan. 11 […]

Nokia’s CES Operation “Rolling Thunder” hints at big reveal!


Former Microsoft employee and current Nokia US lead Chris Weber told that the Lumia 710 launch on T-Mobile was just the beginning of the Nokia’s biggest campaign.  He also revealed that the Nokia is planning a very big presence in upcoming CES expo. He called the plan as the Operation “Rolling Thunder”. Today marks Day 1 of ROLLING THUNDER. […]