[Video] Fastest N97 Found running Custom Built Hegazy Ultimate Final CFW


Thanks to Mohd.Hegazy for the tip. We found a great video of Nokia N97 running in steroids. The firmware in the N97 is called the Heagazy Ultimate it is a custom built firmware . It is built very carefully to give the N97 amazing speed than before. This firmware comes with tons of Changelogs. Watch […]

Transformed Ultimate Custom Firmware for 5800 With N8 Visuals


This firmware is created by Gautam Behal’s with the help from LogonAniket bringing the N8 visuals to the 5800 in all possible ways. [box type=”info”]This firmware is based on Nokia 5800 V51 C6 MOD[/box] [box type=”warning”]P.S: DONT TRY THIS in your 5800 updated to V52![/box] Changelogs of the Firmware: KEY MODIFICATIONS – Includes all Modifications […]

Nokia N8 First Custom Firmware Out Packed with Goodies


Its double combo time for Symbian^3 users. The Epic PNHT and Hyper-X joins hands for S^3 Modding. Changelogs: Camera Mods integrated in UDA Pre Hacked Firmware you can install unsigned apps and everthing! Open4all enabled brings system files editing possbile From PNHT and Team HX: Hacked N8 UDA with FileBrowser and Camera Mods Hi Since […]

Nokia N8 Hacked!! Enables installation of unsigned apps

Nokia N8 Custom Firmware Builder Now Available


The Modding scene returns. Yeah The Custom Firmware Builder for Nokia N8 aka Symbain^3 is here. The firmware editor is developed by Il.Socio the developer of Rompatcher++. [box type=”warning”]PLEASE NOTE: this tool is very easy to use, but it is always a tool for expert and smart people, it is not for everyone! If you […]

Xtension C6-01 Custom Firmware For Nokia 5800 Fastest C6 Firmware!!!


INFORMATION AND USAGE: The patch “ReadCRoot.rmp” is buggy. I confirm it. When you apply the patch the computer fails to find the device when connected via USB. You need to restart to get your phone connected to PC. So use this patch at tour own risk! The UDA file supplied is blank. It will make […]

Pirated C6v1 Custom Firmware for Nokia 5800 with C6 Homescreen


Pirates_Killer is a very good Custom Firmware maker. He have posted a good firmware for 5800 with the new C6 Homescreen. C6v11 by PNHT or 5800v51 FEATURES:- – Enable rotation effect – N97/C6 Homescreens – New Music Styles – New Gallery Styles – Camera totally silent in silent profile mode – Vibration level 1 already […]

Nokia E72 Firmware Updated to V051.018


The  Nokia E72 got its firmware update today. Its firmware is updated to V051.018 from v031.023. The firmware update is available in E72’s OTA (Over-The-Air), and also in Nokia’s Software Updater application . E72 Changelogs: Corrections or Changes : Browser upgrade into 7.2.6 Freestyle Baseline 3.0 (latest version) update QuickOffice upgrade into 6.2.439 New languages […]