Lyric Legend Now Available In Ovi Store

Lyric Legend

Lyric Legend is a fun, innovative way to bring together music, lyrics and gameplay. Choose your favorite song from the menu, and then hit the orbs in time with the lyrics. Your score will increase based on how accurately you hit each orb, timed to the music. The music library has more than 100 songs […]

Dawn of the Fly 2 from Breakdesign now available in OVI store

Ovi Games

Hope you all played Dawn of the Fly. Today Breakdesign have released the hit series Dawn of the Fly 2 in Ovi store. The specs! The specs! All look the same! The glowing brine. The soft black rain. Dawn Of ┬áThe FLy is back!!! This time the flies have risen for revenge! Another Barking Seed […]