Nokia 808 PureView launched in India for Rs.33899


Nokia 808 PureView is HERE!!!!  Nokia India today announced the launch of Nokia 808 PureView in Delhi,India. It is priced at Rs.33899. You can also buy this mobile phones in Delhi.   Nokia 808 PureView was expected to launch last month according to the Press Release from Nokia itself. Due to unspoken delays the launch […]

[Video] Nokia 808 PureView 1080p Video and Rich Recording Showcase


  Friends at PureView club have upload two videos from Netherlands Music Fest which shows off the Rich Recording hassle free sound and video quality from the Nokia 808 PureView. In The Netherlands, for decades people are attracted by a huge pop/rockfestival called PinkPop. Traditionally – since 1970! – the festival takes place on the Pentecost weekend, in […]

Win Nokia 808 PureView,Play 360 Speakers, Monster headsets and Blot! Gig pass at

pureview-contest-2 which was showing the PureView counter for some reason was taken down mid night. Today I just spotted that the counter page has been replaced with a contest page. This contest is based on the Nokia India’s PureView teaser line ” Story within a Story“. In this contest you have to play as a […]

Nokia India’s Countdown to Nokia 808 PureView starts, Launch on June 6!?


  Thanks to PureView Club who just spotted a new website called  by Nokia India . When you visit the site, it comes up with the clipping of a picture with options. You need to find where exactly the clipping is taken from. Select your option and click “See the Full Picture” . The site now shows up a […]

[Video] The history behind the Nokia 808 Pureview!


Here the experts from Nokia talks about the history behind the Nokia 808 Pureview. Sit back and enjoy the video below.   P.S : This video is shot entirely in Nokia 808 Pureview.   New set sample pictures here -> Pureview New Gallery

[Video] Nokia 808 PureView from Above !


Another VIDEO from the Unicorn Nokia 808 Pureview which literally makes you shout “SHUT UP and TAKE MY MONEY!”  In this video Nokia took the 808 PureView to Iceland in an attempt to photograph the Earth from space.  Have a look at the video below!  

[Video] Nokia 808 Pureview Timelapse Film!


  Nokia 808 PureView supports Time Lapse photograhpy in Creative mode with a time interval varying from 5 seconds to 30 seconds . Today Nokia have uploaded the Nokia 808 PureView Time-Lapse Film which includes two Time Lapse films taken with the Nokia 808 Pureview.   All of the images in this video were taken with […]

Nokia N8 FW 111.40.0904 leaked Brings Fp1 Task manager, New Widgets and New Browser V8


  Try this at your own RISK   Nokia Belle Fp1 for Nokia N8 is here. Taylor over at Daily Mobile Forum have brought the brilliant stuff the N8 users have been waiting for!! The awesome Nokia Belle fp1 Task manager and New Widgets are here for the Nokia N8. Have a look at the video everything is pretty […]