Niko N900 a Lego Robot-Take Control of it Using Twitter

Nokia is conducting a technical workshop to find out what the best MOD that can be done with the N900. Now the PUSH team is in USA for the best MOD around for N900. They have discovered one awesome MOD with N900, its called the NIKO .

The Niko is constructed with LEGO Mindstorm NXT 2.0 parts with custom software, Niko can use the Twitter API to monitor a specially created account, @N900Niko, for instructions. you can visit Niko’s photo account here where the cutie robot will upload photos.

You can control Niko here by these following commands:

To make NIKO move forward, tweet: @N900Niko move forward

To make NIKO move backwards, tweet: @N900 move backward

To make NIKO turn to the right, tweet: @N900Niko turn right

To make Niko turn to the left, tweet: @N900Niko turn left

To make Niko turnaround, tweet: @N900Niko turn around

To make Niko take a picture and upload it to Twitpic, tweet: @N900Niko photo

Niko will even perform your command and then reply to your Twitter account with a photo!

Play with it Its too awesome 😀

Check out the Video of Niko below:


I tried it too. See Here what i insisted Niko to do and Hereis Niko’s reply to my order.

Let us know how Niko obeyed your order in the comment section below