Nimbuzz stats show its clocking some great Numbers

Nimbuzz is a famous IM client with VOIP integrated which lets you to make calls over the wifi/3g.

Press Release from Nimbuzz reveals some great stats:

150,000,000 downloads of Nimbuzz, and 3,650,000,000 voice minutes logged in the last year.  Yes, those are millions and billions .

Nimbuzz has logged over 5 million downloads on the Nokia Ovi store, and over 45 million on GetJar, the second largest app store in the world.

The NimbuzzOut calls, combined with the free Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calls, and the SIP calls have accounted for around 3.65 billion voice minutes over the last year!

The Nimbuzz community is 30 million strong and we are seeing 70,000 new members join every day. That is pretty much one new Nimbuzzer every second!  Our universal communications service offers free and low-cost calls through our VoIP product, NimbuzzOut as well as free messaging and file sharing across all major platforms, including iPhone (iOS), Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Java, on over 3000 mobile devices!

“Nimbuzz has been one of the most popular apps for several years running now. It’s ease of use, large community and wide handset coverage make it a must have for mobile users,” said Patrick Mork, CMO of Getjar. ” We are thrilled to see Nimbuzz doing so well and look forward to seeing them hit the next 50 million downloads.

Thanks all for making Nimbuzz a product for everyone.