No Nokia N9 in the U.S. or U.K. What Gives?


After the N9 release Nokia is changing their smartphone game plan. This primarily involves a switch to a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 operating system. The change is expected to be announced at Nokia’s end-of-quarter press conference set for late October. Those who want a piece of Nokia history ought to get themselves an N9 – for soon-to-be old times sake.

Unfortunately American and U.K. Nokia fans are left out of the loop on this one. The N9 will not be available in either country. The company seems A-OK with letting their U.S. and U.K. markets ditch them in favor of competitors like the Samsung Galaxy. But what’s probably the case is that Nokia is counting on these people to hold out patiently for their next Windows Phone 7 release.

It’s too bad though because the N9 is not just an artifact in the making. It’s actually an impressive little device that those in the U.S. and the U.K. would be happy to own. Yet a Nokia spokesperson, when asked whether or not the N9 would see a release in the United Kingdom replied “We have elected to ship the N9 to those markets we believe offer the most suitable conditions required for a successful launch.”

It’s unclear what that means, but perhaps there’s just too much competition from the Android-backed majority of smartphones in American markets, Blackberry popularity in the U.K., and an overwhelming iPhone presence in both countries. Although the simple fact may very well be that Nokia knows they won’t be selling out of the N9 when it’s being released only weeks before an announcement over a complete Nokia smartphone overhaul.

That may or may not be the truth. They would only know if they tried, but it doesn’t look like they’ll bother. Instead it looks like Nokia is going to focus on reintroducing itself to U.K. and U.S. consumers only after they configure new phones with Windows 7. This may be the sign of a radical revolution in their market strategy outside of mainland Europe.

Or it could just be unremarkable business as usual. We really won’t know until the end of next month when Nokia big wigs finally unveil their next steps forward to the public.