Nokia 5530 Firmware Updated to V30.0.009

As we reported before we saw a new firmware upgrade coming for 5530 via the Can I Update Page eventhough Nokia told the Can I Update page is buggy.

We got a mail from a Nokia 5530 user Zlatko ilijeski that the new firmware for 5530 V30 have been rolled out.

The Version of new firmware is V30.0.009. According to the Zlatko the changelogs are same as the V50 firmware for 5800.

Changelogs Found:

*Kinetic Scrolling  in both menu and application, basically KS everywhere.
*Ovi Sync
*Automatic Fullscreen in Internet Browser + Kinetic Scrolling
*New look for Music Player, The normal “Exit” button on the right is replaced by “Hide”. So you don’t have to press the menu button anymore.
*Ovi contacts

Many reporting the firmware is fast than its previous version we recommend to update.

Thanks Zlatko ilijeski

The firmware is expected to be available soon for all product codes. The Firmware will be available via NokiaSoftware Updater and Via FOTA.

Have you got the firmware in your smartphone. If we missed any changelogs do let us know via comments 😀

  • Tan sokvannak

    yeah… today i just update it… it has the changelogs like 5800… so cool….