Nokia 5530 review


This is my first mobile review based on the Nokia 5800 Xpressmusic‘s lil brother Nokia 5530XM.When the first touch screen based symbian mobile was released there were lots of talks going around how the device will be.The 5800XM was upto the expectations of music fans and power users a mid range super packed device worth every penny.

Now its the time of the 5800’s lil brother.Lets see whats the lil bro packed with

First Impressions:

My friend handed over me the 5530XM for trial.I was so much excited to test the new things such as kinetic scrolling,new homescreens etc.

The weight of the device was thin and slim compared to 5800.

Weighing 107 grams, the phone measures 4.09″ x 1.92″ x 0.51″.

The phone feels kinda cheap 😕 maybe me feelin like that!!.The phone have nice grill like things in the top and the bottom which is a eye candy thing.The 5530 front was lookin sexy than the 5800.

The right side of the device is the same as 5800 having the volume rocker,key lock and camera button.

The left side of the device consists of a single opening which provide housing for sim card and mmc.

The 5530’s backside have the normal 3.2mp cam with single flash the cam housing looks neat than the 5800’s.The back side looks like a magnet to scratch since its made of glossy plastic and not a rubber like thing in 5800.

The top part of the device have the power buton.

The 3.5mm jack pin and usb have been shifted to the bottom of the device unlike the 5800.

The stylus is kinda different than 5800 and the holder have been changed inorder to hold it tightly unlike the 5800 holder which breaks down very easily.

Whats New:

The hardware thing have a lil different as 5530 lacks

  • 3G
  • GPS
  • Dual LED flash[Only a Single LED]
  • TV Out

But the 5530 also support some new things such as touch sensible butons instead of hardware buttons on 5800.This makes the front part of 5530 pretty flat :).

The speakers are located in front of the device which is not that soundfull than the 5800’s a lotta chill and lacking more bass.

The Software Part :

I am very much excited to test the new things such as kinetic scrolling and new homescreen.The software is a really wow factor thing for 5800 users.The Homescreen itself kickin and so cool.The contact bar with scrollable 20 contacts is a great new thing in the phone.The music widget was really handy in the 5530 instead of odd looking 5800 music widget 😛 music line thing 😛 with just a song name :P.The software doesnot differ much than the new homescreen.The 5530 XM sports a kinetic scrolling in contacts and web browser.The 5530 XM also supports a new factor which auto switches to landscape keyboard and change to normal alphanumeric keyboard in portrait.

The software is not that different than some wow factors stated above.The touch was little responsive than 5800 😀 maybe me feeling like that.

The Conclusion:

The 5800 and 5530 are basically great music devices with some great features packed with Music.These devices have some plus and minuses such as

Nokia 5530 Xpressmusic:

  • No 3G support
  • No built-in GPS receiver
  • Display has poor sunlight legibility
  • Default font size is a bit small due to the smaller screen
  • Average camera image quality
  • Video recording quality is unimpressive
  • TV-out functionality


  • The fancy grill in the front and silver lining in side
  • The New Wowy Homescreen
  • Very cheap Music device with Symbian OS.

The little brother have some new dresses than its old brother 5800 and also the 5800 is more superior in hardware and it misses only the awfull homescreen than the 5530.I strongly hope Nokia wont let the 5800 to starve for kinetic scrolling and new homescreen.I hope it will be coming before 2010 😛 😛 :D.

Note:This is my first review please leave your comments how can i improve it more 😉 😀

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