Nokia 5800 getting new firmware update in Mid November

Thanks for the Tip  Neeraj Vohra.

Nokia Support Admin Says there is a new firmware update for 5800 in the pipeline.

Nokia Support Admin Mr.Vandelay in replying to a comment about Memory Full problem in PC suite said

Hi all,

and thank you for reporting this and giving your details about this problem.

We have been informed by Nokia that this issue will be addressed in the next sw update for the Nokia 5800. The exact date is not yet confirmed but it is estimated to be around mid-November.

Its so awesome to hear Nokia still releasing update for its groundbreaking S^1 touch screen phone. Guess what in the next update. We hope only major bug fixes will be there and also expecting some battery management, new browser. Lets wait with hope.. Here is the link to the original comment.

Do letus know what you wish to get in new firmware update.

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    • Aaron Matthiesen

      Thanks Nokia for supporting my aged 5800!!
      I’d wish so many new functions, like: Far better browser, no Memory errors anymore, more speed, less questions “Which network would you like to use?”, better Ovi Store, more responsive touchscreen, New Homescreem (+Landscape mode)
      But I don’t think, they’ll do more than two of those…
      But we’ll see

      • Siraj Soft

        Hi Aaeon i wish there is something more than just majox bug fixes :) Hope there will some new browser for sure :) Lets wait and watch

    • Neeraj Vohra

      I wish they can add widget HS to my aged 5800XM with no memory issues like the C6 does, and hope to get the firmware soon. Thanks @sirajsoft.

      • Siraj Soft

        I hope there is some new homescreen like C6 lets see what Nokia comes up with

    • NJaszczur

      Wow, great news 😀 Wondering what other new features and bugfixes will it bring

      • Siraj Soft

        yeah so excited

    • NJaszczur

      Wow, great news 😀 Wondering what other new features and bugfixes will it bring

    • Ronak Barola

      this is ronak…
      i am a very very big fan of nokia 5800 ,so lets hope that nokia will add some new stuff like homescreen, menu ,new apps ,most important is battery back-up should be increased and free more of phone memory and ram to boost it up….

      as i have buyed this phone second time now as i am already having c6,x6,5530,n97,n900 and offcourse new nokia n8…

      but none of them impresses me like nokia 5800…

      just love it..

      so, keep me informed about its update
      email –

      thank you

      • Siraj Soft

        Hi Ronak will keep you updated when the update is out.

    • Mike

      Ya its good to hear
      Hope it completely changes the display n UI of nokia 5800
      with atleast 75+mb ram after hard usage..
      n battery life upgraded to atleast 4 to 5 day after heavy use..
      and new homescreen like c6

    • Fifty3

      this firmware is only for 5800 and not for the nokia 5800 xpressmusic?

      • Mike

        nokia 5800 means all nokia 5800 models like xpress music n navigation edition

    • Funkrurit

      its just software update for pc suit and not firmware upgrade
      dont spread false news

    • Anonymous

      Wow, this is great news. I hope we get a new homescreen with active tabs. Site bookmarked.

    • Rishabh

      i dont think anymore fw release for 5800 will be der… the nokia employee who talked about new firmware was actualy talkin about pc suite update 7.1 which has solved that ful memory bug….:-(..
      nokia is not working on dis phone….only pnht is our hope…. PNHT rocks..

    • Sam(Mike)

      when is the update gone replease? its crossed the mid-november date..
      hope nokia is really making a new firmware with theme effects and changed UI

    • Sam

      when’s the release date?

    • jaleel s

      I think mid november is gone, when will we get the updates? is there any idea about this?