Nokia 808 PureView Preview Event! TestDrive into the “PureView” Future!

Finally! I got the chance to see the Nokia 808 PureView Symbian Smartphone. Thanks to @NokiaIndia for the invite. The workshop was led by Vesa Jutila, Head of Symbian and Ari Partinen, Camera Design Engineer. If you are still wondering who Ari is take a look at this post  .


The event venue was filled with amazing snaps from the Nokia 808 in the form of printed photos and big posters. Most of the pictures will make you wonder whether those photos are really taken by the Nokia 808. The event started with the PureView briefing by Vesa Jutila and he explained how much effort Nokia had put on the technology from the scratch to this level. This technology took them almost five years to make it perfect at all levels.


He said Pureview is the perfect combination of  High-performance sensors, Image processing algorithms and Precision Carl Zeiss optics. The amount of detailing you get with this PureView tech will blow away any smartphone cameras and Point and Shoot cams.

The Carl Zeiss Optics in Nokia 808  consists of 5 lenses stacked on top of each other. This camera have the shutter lag of just 0.09 seconds which is incredibly fast considering the amount of details it captures! Hold the shutter button to keep on clicking photos with brilliant details. Every picture taken is processed by oversampling technology to bring you the best detailing in the shot you took.

Nokia 808 Pureview

Next comes the brilliant noiseless and loseless Slide Zoom which makes the zooming in photos and videos very precise. You need to use it to believe it. It may look bit slow in videos but very much useful while taking photos and videos. The camera modes in 808 have three different modes such as Automatic, Scenes and Creative. The creative mode is the like the full fledged manual mode in DSLRs. It allows you to tweak many variables of the camera. The new highlights of the PureView camera are


  • The bracketing mode which gives you the option to shoot Pictures at various exposures to combine them into a single HDR photo
  • Time-lapse mode for clicking pictures at intervals of 5-60 seconds
  • ND filter option to allow long exposure of camera sensor. This option cant be set by the user, it solely depends on the lighting.


Next comes the video capabilities of 808. The 808 provides lose-less zoom in video too. Forget about the crappy grainy videos. The Pureview Sensor allows you to shoot videos at 15, 24, 25, 30fps.  And it supports lose-less zoom upto 4x in 1080p mode , 6x in 720p mode and 12x in 360p mode. Of-course the video quality will be mind blowing. What about the audio ? Well have a look at the video below.



[Video from @Nkmuar_]


The Nokia 808 pureview records audio in stereo quality which turns out to be the best I have seen so far.


Nokia 808 PureView is the world’s first video recording device to allow recording without distortion at audio levels beyond the capability of human hearing.


Nokia 808 PureView


Nokia 808 Proto Hands-on  :


Nokia 808 Pureview

I was very much MUCH excited to see the device. Its like SOMETHING which really stands out from the crowd. As usual very nice build quality. Even though its plastic it feels premium everywhere. The poly-carbonate material used for the body is bit rough to make sure the Nokia 808 PureView have better grip at all angles.  I felt N8 was bit slippery due to metal finish. Talking about the operating system what I felt was Symbian Belle fp1 is fast, colorful with new widgets and with a bit of a UX change. The Camera UI scream Qt everywhere. Its very smooth to fiddle through various options. Some Nokia 808 PureView specs worth mentioning are


  • 4″ Curved Glass with Nokia’s own Clear Black AMOLED display
  • 1.3 GHz ARM 11 Processor with “Dedicated” GPU of 128 MB to make sure all image and video processing takes place real FAST!
  • Symbian Belle fp1 for making the user experience pretty smooth
  • 16 GB Internal Memory
  • 1400 mAh battery
  • NFC and Bluetooth 3.0
  • and all Nokia goodies such as HDMI, USB-OTG, FM Transmitter and Dolby Surround support.


Camera Highlights:


  • 41 MP sensor with PureView tech and Precision Carl Zeiss optics.
  • Video resolutions: Full HD (1920×1080) 30fps , HD (1280×720) 30fps, nHD (640×360) 30fps
  • Lossless Zoom: 4x1080p , 6x 720p, 12x360p
  • Frame rates supported: 15, 24, 25, 30fps
  • Three shooting modes: Auto, Scenes, “Creative – Fully customizable”


When asked about the availability Mr.Vipul Mehrotra, Marketing Head, Nokia India said Nokia 808 will be hitting in two or three weeks after Lumia 900 launch. But he refused to comment on the pricing. As of now the 808 Pureview is rumored to hit India at a price range between 25 – 30K.


Happy Me with Pureview :)

Happy Me with Pureview :)


Do let me know any doubts you have regarding the PureView smartphone. Will you buy Nokia 808 PureView ? or you will wait for the Pureview tech to come in Windows phone ? :)


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    I hope the 25-30k price rumor is true

    • Siraj Soft

      Same here Prashant. It is the perfect price range IMO.

  • Saurabh shrestha

    thanks for the post. Just had one question to ask, I’m using N8 now and when i try to play video which i download from internet having higher video resolution like 720p or 108 p or MKV format they don’t play on phone. Video doesn’t play for these files. Will pureview have similar problem or because of the better processor  will it play all the video?

    • Siraj Soft

      Hi Saurabh ,

      808 have a better processor like you said. And by default it shoots and plays 1080p videos very smoothly. But about the MKV codec am not sure. Will let you know after I test it briefly :)

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    Hi ! Its gr8 yhat u were there. Are u a press person or someone, whom did nokia people invite and how did I not know anything about meet before it happened. Am searching net for 808 everyday, day & night . I am a doc though

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      I am the die hard Nokia fan who runs this log :-)