Nokia 808 PureView priced at £499.98 for UK

If you’re a fan of Nokia or mobile photography – or both! – then listen up. You can now pre-order the sim-free Nokia 808 PureView directly from The phone will ship by the end of June, but unfortunately it’ll be a bit pricier here in the UK than in America. The PureView will cost just under £500 and will be released on June 30th – compare that to a price of $700 and a date of July 8th on The English version will come 8 days sooner, but cost £50 more – not a brilliant trade-off to be honest.

The PureView has been in the headlines since its debut at the Mobile World Congress at the end of February this year, with its fantastic 41 megapixel camera being a step beyond what’s possible with current mobile technology on any Android, Windows or Apple phone. Initial reviews are positive, saying that the camera really lives up to the hype, although the Symbian OS has been also widely maligned. Of course, we are expecting the same PureView technology to be made available on Windows Phone devices in the near future – and that might be when PureView hits the mainstream.

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