Nokia and the Apple iPad

This is a Guest post by Robin. Views expressed are his own.

The world has been taken by storm, Apple has released another iPad and we are all lusting after the must-have device. The question that begs to be asked is, how have Apple managed to dominate this market almost from the beginning? Apple iPad 2 deals are everywhere and after the success of the original iPad the second generation device seems to be doing just as well.

A few years ago Apple was associated with computers and that was it. Their loyal client base boldly defended their products, but then suddenly the iPhone came out. Everyone threw their conventional phones in the bin and the brand has moved from strength to strength ever since. No one seems to be able to catch up, with products being released or updated yearly, at this pace they may not be able to.

So is this the reason why mobile phone companies are so reluctant to move into the tablet market? Several have tried, including Sony, Creative, HTC, LG, Blackberry and Motorola. So where is Nokia’s input? Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop recently announced that the company was thinking hard about the company’s contribution to the market. The recent partnership between Microsoft and the international phone company seemed to suggest that they were looking towards the future tablet market. So is Nokia right to keep out of the tablet market?

With a market as saturated as this one a company has to think about the cost of putting that much development into a product, which may not survive. Apple iPads are dominating the market, shoving competitors into the deep abyss. So is Nokia making the right decision? Yes. Let’s wait and see what they bring to the table after deep deliberation. You never know, it might take the world by storm.