Nokia Asha 300 Review! Feature phone with 1GHz processor, AngryBirds and USB-OTG!


Nokia Asha 300 was announced at Nokia World 2011 . It is one of the feature phones to come with 1 GHz processor and preloaded Angry birds game. Thanks to Nokia India for sending me one for trial. Here is my review about the device.


Design and Build quality:

Nokia Asha 300


Nokia and its build quality are legendary always, this phone is not a exception. Nokia Asha 300 comes with touch and type user experience. This experience combines the best of both touch input and alphanumeric keypad. The keypad is perfectly designed and elevated in a way to give users comfortable typing experience. The Series 40 6th Edition, FP 1 UI is completely touch optimized . Rather than the Alphanumeric keypad, default call & end key, Asha 300 also comes with mail shortcut button and push to unlock too. Nokia Asha 300 comes with an internal memory of 140MB and supports micro SD cards upto 32GB.


Nokia Asha 300


The screen measures 2.4″ which is pretty nice for browsing and casual gaming.


Nokia Asha 300


The screen is powered by resistive touchscreen panel which takes care of your touch inputs. The 1GHz processor makes the UI and UX works good but not super smooth as you expect. The top part of the phone holds all the major ports such as USB port,2mm charger port and 3.5mm Jack. This phone also supports USB charging too.


Removing the battery cover reveals the hot swap micro SD card slot and the sim card slot is placed safely below the 1110mAh battery.


Connectivity :


The affordable Asha 300 supports both HSUPA and HSDPA data bands. Other than that Asha 300 also comes with Bluetooth V2.1.


Nokia Asha 300 USB OTG


Best part of Asha 300 is it support USB-OTG. YEAH! feature phone with USB-OTG support sounds so sweet. Have a flash drive full of songs just plugin and transfer without PC .


Camera :

Nokia Asha 300


Nokia Asha 300 comes with a 5MP full focus cam with 4x digital zoom. It takes pretty decent shots. The shots measures a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels. The Camera shoots video at a resolution of 640 x 480 at 30fps. Here are some camera samples in low-light and normal mode.


Asha 300 Asha 300


Software and Applications :


Nokia Asha 300


Lets start from homescreen , the homescreen is customizable and consists of widgets such as Music Player, Calendar, Notes, Communities app, an array of four shortcuts and much more. The UI provides haptic feedback throughout the system. It feels like you are pressing a real button. Other than that this phone also comes with themes support as all other S40 phones. Lets have a look at the Apps section.


Nokia Asha 300


I would like to start with this line ” Feature Phone just got smarter” . It is so true for the Asha 300. This feature phone comes with loads of goodies you expect out of the box from a smartphone. The apps worth mentioning are

  • Nokia Browser which reduces data transfer up to 90% saving your 3G data limit
  • Nokia communities a social media app combining both Twitter and Facebook
  • Zenga TV which lets you stream tv channels via 3G
  • All time favourite Angry Birds game
  • Nokia Life Tools, Book my Show, Ebay India app, Mobile ESPN and
  • NewsHunt, an app which lets you read all major news publiscations in your mobile.



Quite a collection no ? Other than this there is also dedicated Nokia store which lets you discover tons of apps,games and themes and also Nokia Music app too .


 Verdict :


Overall the Nokia Asha 300 lives up-to the expectation of a 1GHz feature phone. The processing power shows up very much in browser than UI.  The Angry Birds which I was expecting to be laggy turn out to be smooth and quite fun. Whatsapp for S40 gives you another reason for owning this feature phone as a secondary phone incase your main phone runs out of battery. At the price range Asha 300 is selling it is a must buy if you are looking for a smart affordable feature phone.



  • Good Build quality
  • Touch and Type Form factor
  • 3G connectivity
  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • Java Apps and Games support
  • Angry Birds
  • USB-OTG!
  • Push email
  • Maximum of 32GB SD card support
  • Bundled headphones sounds quite nice
  • Good battery life



  • No Wifi
  • 1GHz processor doesn’t make much difference in UI
  • Video quality is poor

You can purchase the Nokia Ash 300 online from Nokia India Online Shop. Check out this link –>


Do check the Nokia Asha 300 Photo gallery Here —>


  • manisha panda

    Asha 300 is the latest trendy phone with smart features to do any thing on the mobile, Apart from functioning just like mobile phone its also acts as a entertainment gadget. there are around 30 lack songs and 40 lack music tracks in the OVI store to use with.
    People will be even happier to know that Asha 300 is a touch and type phone that will help in getting to all the apps irrespective of their compatibility to touch or type phones.
    Asha 300 also features live TV on mobile, Since this is a cricket season going on and people also like to enjoy music during their idle hours or watch movies when they are traveling. So Nokia has currently setup to provide live IPL cricket matches and 9x music channel live for 24 hours everyday totally free of cost.
    Asha 300 carries the an intelligent software backed by the S40 operating system that gives superfast internet and download capability even at 2g networks. Vodafone is also ready to provide some amazing data plans at a very lower fixed cost with unlimited download and a greater speed.
    I think this is enough to mention that how good is Asha 300 for today, but the price is still so affordable and almost half of any smartphone.

  • manisha panda

    The latest booming phone in the Indian market is the trendy Nokia Asha 300. It is both touch and type phone with wide HD screen that can also be used form any angle. you can also tilt the phone to play games vertically horizontally anyways.
    Nokia Asha 300 is also a good phone for internet and the best phone for multi-tasking over the internet.
    The top feature is that with Nokia Asha 300 there is free live TV without any buffering just free of cost, currently they are streaming 9x Music channel live and IPL cricket live in India.
    I can understand your needs and also the budget you are expecting, so i would rather suggest you not a good but a great mobile. Check out the latest launched Nokia Asha 200 within your budget and featuring 10 times more big features than your expectations. i am totally sure that you wont find all the features in any other phone that to at a such a price.