Nokia Beta Labs Postioning in OVI maps

In Nokia Betalabs blog Kee from Nokia OVI team explains the postioning in OVI MAPS. He explains all possible way of postioning in OVI Maps.


From Kee Nokia OVI team

Many of you asking us to explain the new “positioning” in Ovi Maps – especially now that we have replaced the “GPS indicator bar” from the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
Basically, here is how it works…..

The GPS position is indicated with a red dot and the map zooms in to a certain zoom level to provide a good overview.
There is no visual difference between GPS positioning (picture below) and the WiFi positioning at the moment but we are looking to improve this in future releases.


For cell-ID positioning we show a halo (the red circle around the dot – as shown below). When you have a position fix and you don’t interact with the map, we pan the map to your position fix and zoom in or out to display the whole halo.


If you zoom in, the halo will get more transparent until it’s not visible anymore to avoid a full screen overlay of the map. When you zoom out, the halo gets less transparent to show you that the position is not accurate.

When there is no position fix or the position gets lost, there is a grey dot on the last known position (if there is one) and the “back-to-my-position” (top left hand corner) button is blinking. Also, you can see on the top information bar that it will display “Searching for position” – as shown in the example below.

No/lost POS

I hope this has provided a better understanding to the new positioning and we’ll be back soon to discuss some of our new ideas with you to make this even better.

Many thanks again for your support and feedback.

Ovi Maps team