Nokia Betalabs releases NFC Games which enables gaming with NFC Tags and NFC Cards

Nokia Betalabs just released new Nokia NFC Games which open up a whole new category of  tangible mobile games. These games let you play with physical objects in the real world. These games needs NFC tags or normal NFC enabled contact cards or hotel check-in cards….

The three new NFC based games are

  • Nokia World Flags. This is a matching game with a twist — instead of flipping cards, wave your phone over physical NFC cards to magically reveal hidden flags.  Almost 200 flags to match and learn.
  • Nokia Shakespeare Shuffle. Wave your phone over different NFC tags to hear parts of famous quotes from Shakespeare.  Rearrange and tap them in the right order to complete the quotes before time runs out!
  • Nokia Nursery Rhyme Shuffle. This is a kid’s version of Shakespeare Shuffle, using nursery rhymes from Mother Goose, together with beautiful artwork from the early 1900’s. It is also great as a cooperative game between kids or between kids and their parents.
  • More games coming soon such as word games, math games, adventure games, NFC-enabled variations on old board games, and some games that can be played with a teddy bear.

Supported Handsets :
  • Nokia 600, 603, 700, 701 with Symbian Belle.
  • Nokia C7 Astound (from T-Mobile) (Symbian Anna not required).
  • Nokia C7-00 (Symbian Anna Software Update required).
  • Nokia Oro with Symbian Anna.

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Nokia NFC Games