Nokia C7 Firmware updated to 012.003 V1.06

Nokia C7 firmware is updated to 012.003 V1.06. The firware is available for

  • 059D9B9 : T-Mobile NL NL v1 Silver white
  • 059D188 : 3 UK GB White\Silver v1
  • 059D7V3 : Country Variant Sweden SE
  • 059D9M6 : Country Variant Sweden SE Frosty Metal_COLOR
  • 059F2S7 : Country Variant Finland FI MAHOGANY_BROWN_V1_COLOR
  • 059F2S5 : Country Variant Finland FI CHARCOAL_BLACK_V1_COLOR
  • 059F320 : Country Variant Bulgaria BG FROSTY METAL V1
  • 059F3R5 : Country Variant Bulgaria BG CHARCOAL BLACK V1_COLOR
  • 059F3Q4 : 3 DK DK Frosty Metal_COLOR
  • 059F191 : 3 DK DK Charcoal Black

The update is available via Nokia PC suite or Nokia OVI Suite. And you can also download it via OTA.

No Changelogs till now. Do letus know if you update your C7 and find any changes.

Via A2Phone

  • Jb1000

    I have the “059D188 : 3 UK GB WhiteSilver v1” which when prompted says I have the latest update available, but no mention of the v1.06 part, but it is v12.003.
    the phone is a day old, I’ve not done anything with it, yet it randomly crashes everytime it goes to sleep mode. on top of that, the missed call/message doesn’t work, it just simply doesn’t show up even if there is a missed call, have to rely on the blinking light at the bottom to let me know, or when unlocked at the top corner for the icon – the widget however, nothing, not a peep.
    Found this forum thread as am looking for a firmware update/solution but so far not a very good start to my experience with Symbian^3 and all the hype that it’s Symbian “with faults ironed out” seems to me fundamentals are buggy which is ridiculous – never had a problem with the so called older Symbian on my Nokia E71.
    So, in answer to the above post, so far I’ve noticed several highly disappointing bugs which are driving me crazy and am going to reinstall the firmware, if it allows me, and start again from scratch.

    • Siraj Soft

      Jb1000 looks like software problem better format internal memory and then format phone and try to reinstall the firmware. If still problem persists take it to the Nokia Care.

    • Shaun Murray

      I have the same model from 3 bought in October. Mine has been solid and reliable.

      I’d take it back to 3 if it’s only a few days old. I suspect they’ll just re-flash it though which you can do yourself from Ovi Suite.

      I’ve not had the PR1.1 update yet either.

  • Antoniomonacell1973

    che schifo di assistenza che da la nokia…. ho un c7 e l’ho mandato in assistenza ma grazie alla nokia ho un c7 da schifo mi hanno cambiato il softwer senza dirmi niente e ora ecco ci quĂ  l’ho preso nel culo…. ( fino a che vado per vie legali……