Nokia C7 First Impressions


We recently got the Nokia C7 to review from good peoples at  WOMWorld/Nokia. The Nokia C7 is the second Symbian S^3 Phone with great design. Check out our first impressions…..

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Nokia C7 First Impressions:


Whats HOT:

-Unbelivably Slim Design :


we are so impressed with the slimness C7 looks sooo cute.

-Great Build and Design :


The Nokia C7 impressed us very much in aspect of design. It comes with Nokia’s signature call and end key and a menu button in the center. The Chrome edges adds a premium feel to the phone. We can see the chrome tint in the glass of the phone too. The screen looks so sexy in standy mode. C7 build quality is so good that you dont feel its a budget phone. The volume rocker is split into two seperate buttons and with a Voice command button inbetween the volume rocker keys.


The lighting of the buttons looks great too.

–Back Side of C7:


The back side of C7 looks great with 8MP Fixed Focus cam with two LED’s and a single stereo speaker and a same speaker like grill on the right side of the camera part.

Some Camera Samples from C7 :

Whats Not:

  • SD card port under the battery
  • Speakers get muffled out when placed down with screen up
  • Not impressed with Camera that much its ok for long shots.


Whats Hot:

  • New Symbian^3 with no bugs overall UI is fast.
  • New Coverflow music player
  • Very Smooth Gallery with Pinch to Zoom support
  • Divx support out of box
  • Preloaded with two OVI games such as OVIMapsChallenge and Climate Mission.

Whats Not:

  • Portrait T9 Keyboard needs improvement
  • Social integration needed
  • Browser hangs a lot while browsing heavy sites
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