Nokia’s CES Operation “Rolling Thunder” hints at big reveal!

Former Microsoft employee and current Nokia US lead Chris Weber told that the Lumia 710 launch on T-Mobile was just the beginning of the Nokia’s biggest campaign.  He also revealed that the Nokia is planning a very big presence in upcoming CES expo. He called the plan as the Operation “Rolling Thunder”.


Chris Weber said to Bloomberg

“We will be launching a portfolio of devices in the U.S. across a range of price points, user experience and operators,” . The rollouts are referred to internally as “Operation Rolling Thunder,”.At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas starting Jan. 10, “we’ll have a very large presence and it’ll be clear that Nokia is back in a quite strong way in the U.S.,” .

We can expect a lot of good news from the CES. Rumors says that the Lumia 800 with LTE will be revealed on AT&T and Verizon. And also a bigger,better Lumia 900 with a 4.3inch display which might be introduced for US consumers. Remember that Stephen Elop also hinted that the Nokia will be rolling out many portfolio products early 2012 in US. We hope Nokia will reconquers its own share in US with those amazing products.

Via Bloomberg