Nokia Chooses Dubstep Ringtone as Winner and makes it preloaded in future handsets!

Last month, Nokia launched their Nokia Tune competition, asking musical artists to contribute a remixed version of the world-famous Nokia ringtone. The competition is a part of a massive effort by Nokia to attract a younger market; we saw the first stage of this with their launch of Nokia branded Monster headphones. This time around, the idea is to replace the rather staid, if popular, Nokia ringtone with something a little bit more fresh and modern.

Just yesterday, the winner has been announced: Italian DJ Sizzi Top, also known as Valerio Alessandro Sizzi.

The 22-year-old DJ’s entry, “Nokia Tune Dubstep Edition“, makes the most of its 24 second runtime to incorporate a heavy dose of maximum strength dubstep. The modern take on the ringtone was chosen as one of five entries suggested by visitors to Nokia’s Facebook page, garnering 1,000 likes and beating 6200 other entries.

Sizzi wins a $10,000 prize, as well as seeing his music spread to all new Nokia handsets, estimated to be 100 million devices. Sadly, the ringtone won’t be the default choice for all Nokia handsets — I had been looking forward to its wub-heavy tones shocking older Nokia users everywhere — but it will be shipped on the phone.

Check out the runners up of the Nokia Tune competition here –> Nokia Tune Remake Runners Up!

Now we just need to get a country to ditch their stodgy old national anthem with some crisp dubstep — How about it, England?

This article was written by William Judd. William is a writer for, the UK’s leading online retailer of Samsung accessories including the best Samsung Galaxy Ace case.