Nokia “Comes with Music” Service in India Coming soon

Nokia have announced it have been planning to bring its “Comes with Music” service to India before the end of 2010. The service, which is currently only available in the selected countries and it is replaced by OVI Music in not the available countries.


This will reduce  the music piracy problem in the country by providing consumers unrestricted access to music.

According to Nokia India’s marketing director Vineet Taneja, services like these which remain  free will attract people and buy music legally rather than take the piracy route.


Nokia Comes with Music, users get access to unlimited music downloads from Nokia’s existing “Nokia Music” service for free. The users will have access to over 3.5-million tracks of all genres, Indian and international labels that the Nokia Music Store currently stocks. The user can then download and play the music on his phone. He can also sync it with his PC and play it on multiple platforms without any DRM restriction. Existing phones can be made ‘Comes with Music’ compatible as well.