Nokia E7 First Impressions


The all new premium E-Series device is HERE!!. We got the new S^3 Eseries device E7 from Nokia India for review. In this post we like to share what are the things which got our attention on the first look.

Large 4” Clear Black display :


E7 is the first Nokia to sport a four inch display. The 4” display comes with CBD aka Clear Black Display Technology. The CBD is know to produce images crisp and clear by blocking reflections and it also improves outdoor visibility.


CBD display is so good for viewing videos.

Glorious Slideout QWERTY Keypad :


We liked the slide out mechanism of N97. We are glad that Nokia brought it back to E7 again and they have added a extra row in QWERTY keyboard for extra comfort.


The four inch keyboard with spacebar in the middle and directional keypad in the right feels good . The hardware QWERTY keyboard is wide and makes typing more comfortable.

8MP Camera with dual LED flash:


Nokia E7 comes with 8MP EDOF camera with dual LED flash on its back. It take decent photos and shoots videos at 720P.

SIM Slot in the Right side :


Nokia have placed the Sim slot in the right side of E7 . We thought we can hot swap SIMs but we cant :( when you remove the sim holder and place it again the phone restarts. We hope Nokia fix it in future firmware upgrades.

Changes in Hardware buttons :

New Spring supported Volume Rocker:


Nokia changed the legacy two button volume rocker into a single spring supported volume rocker button. The volume rocker is placed at the right hand side of the phone exactly below the sim slot.


The slide to unlock is placed at the left side of the phone.


Menu button in the middle:


Nokia changed the menu button AGAIN!. The menu button comes back to its original middle position. Hope you remember that it was in side in N8. We felt that the menu button in E7 doesnt feel hard as the one in N8.

We also got the unboxing video for your viewing pleasure. The box comes with goodies like Charger, headset, USBOTG cable and HDMI cable.

Have a look at the video below :

Thats it for now. Wait for our detailed posts on E7 soon :) .

Do share your experience about E7 in the comment section..