Nokia GUI Firmware editor Beta

PNHT proudly present their Second Modding tool!

Today Adonix released first beta of his GUI tool to cook ROFS images.

Credits : Szakalit, Steven25, Downin, Popizo all beta testers

This tool is for educational purpose only! Flashing modified firmware is strictly prohibited by Nokia.
Use this tool at your own risk. I’m also not responsible for Bricking your device!

Feature List:

First this app is for cooking ROFS2, ROFS3. Core is only supported for extraction and file viewing. UDA isn’t supported, use Szakalit’s tool Nokia Editor for this.

Plus, this tool detects which ROFS images are editable! So users of all phones are encouraged to test if they can cook their phones ROFS

1- Cooking is entirely done (restricted) inside the app
2- Fast opening of Firmware Files (fpsx, v**, C00) through dragging and dropping them onto the left pane.
3- The possibility to open an entire firmware folder and choose desired file from the list
4- Fast File/Folder search engine without wildcards
5- Supports reading ROFS partition Size and Available Free Space
6- Supports dragging and dropping of multi files/folders into the app to add them to the firmware or overwrite existing ones
7- Updates available Free Spare on the fly after the addition or deletion of files/folder
8- Warns user about oversized ROFS partition
9- Supports renaming files
10- Support the possibility to open Files with their associated program or by using Notepad or by defining user’s own HexEditor
11-A very simple yet intuitive GUI with many detailed information
12- Currently supported phones: 5530, 5800, N97, N86.
13- Other phones like 5320, 6650 are supported but these phones have internal ROFS protection (like 5800’s Core file)

Features to come:
1-   Exporting and importing changes for easier firmware rebuilding
2-   RFOS partitioning if Fully Cracked!


Greetings Nokia users,

Since few months a small and new group emerged to light and offered for many of you the possibility to RE-HACK your phones and even better, they offered to Cook and Customize your Firmwares which was impossible until now!!

This group hasn’t stopped here! It’s continuously trying to break new frontiers in Nokia Firmware Hacking which enables users to extend their cooking to another level (like CORE editing).

However, some of you aren’t aware of the time spent on cracking the firmwares, developing new tools and not forgetting the dangers of definitely Bricking our phones. So far, Szakalit had to repair phone in service two times after bricking it while trying to hack CORE. I also bricked it once so far and this kind of brick isn’t flashable with JAF! Now all of you know that this costs money (8~10 euro per repair)  and that’s why we included a Donate button in both tools NokiaEditor and NokiaFirmwareEditor.
Sadly, so far, our tools users hasn’t been generous so far and we didn’t receive but ~13 euros till now and these donations did come from almost 10 users!
Now when we compare the number of donations to the number of users using the tools, we find that it’s not even close to 1%. As a team, we aren’t looking for making money out of this, but at the same time, we aren’t willing to invest our money (and time) repairing our phones too. So we need to buy JAF boxes so we can repair our phones at home.

Therefore, we are asking hereby for your help and you can do that by donating

We have put our Donation buttons here and we are waiting to see user’s generosity. Basing on that, PNHT will decide if they continue to distribute future builds freely or include a registration fee or not release a tool at all.

Think and act Fast

Donate 1 or
Donate 2


Updated: Change Log
* Fixed v2*, v3* and so on firmware file open
* Fixed Access violation at address 00404437 in module ‘NokiaFirmwareEditor.exe’ error