Nokia GUI Firmware Editor V0.2 by Adonix Coming soon

PNHT proudly present their latest build of Nokia GUI Firmware Editor. This new build numbered v0.2 will be released to public as soon as all features are implemented.

This new version includes too many changes. I will be updating them as soon as i remember them all LOL :D .


* A revamped new user interface

* New status bar with lots of useful informations

* Support for basic color skinning

* Support for multi-language user interface

* Firmware files downloader using product code (no need for navifirm)

* A complete firmware language manager that makes the task of language managing as easy as clicking a single button. This manager includes:

  • Language deleter basing on found languages inside the rom
  • Default language changer
  • Language Exporter/Importer: Users can now export all language files into a single file that can be shared with others to add support for more languages.
  • Custom filters for language files deletion (For advanced users)

* An application manager. This tool enables advanced modders to :

  • Create a record for each application and share it with others so they can easily delete it with a single button click
  • Create records for file deletion actions and recall them later if needed
  • Automatic application identifier: Enabled only in ROFS2/CORE editing (not yet complete)
  • Application Importer using SIS files (To be coded)

* Added support for resource files edditing

* A new internal engine for fast extraction of ROFS/ROFx images (no need for readimage)

* Support for UDA/FAT editing (under development)

* Support for old phones like N95 (under testing – may not be included in the first release)

* Support for CORE files editing. This is possible only with the ROFS1 part of Core

This version is  under development and testing. A great part of the features is already implemented with exciting new ones coming each day.

Please write in the comments section any needs that you find important to the modding process. I’ll see if any are to be included or if they are already included :)

THanks to Adonix for the heads up.

Dont Forget to add what are the features you would welcome in this version HERE


Default Theme
Default Theme
Black Glass
Black Glass
Mac OSx
Mac OSx
Black Theme
Black Theme
Multi-Language Support
Multi-Language Support
  • neobuddy89

    looks very risky for non-professional.

  • Siraj Soft

    Yeah if you screw the core you end in bricking it. WEll there will be many tutorials after its released.

  • Ahmad Afef

    if the lang. file is separate from the app. you can send it to me and i’ll translate it to arabic

    my E-mail:

  • Onifati

    where to download this application . please the link :(