Nokia India Exclusive Share your Nokia Moments and Get N8’s and C5’s

Nokia India is celebrating its 15th year in India and they are giving away Nokia C5‘s and Nokia N8‘s. They need you to share your best Nokia moments in 100 words in MyNokiaMoments.

“My Nokia Moment is an opportunity for all of you to submit, browse, share and vote for some of your most amazing experiences with Nokia.

If you own a Nokia device or owned it in the past and have an interesting experience or story to share, then we would like to hear from you. Share all your amazing moments through SMS, website, wapsite or toll free line and give yourself a chance to win some exciting Nokia gifts.“

Nokia C6 and Nokia bluetooth headsets will be given out every week according to the vote for your story.

Nokia N8 is grand prize .

We wish you all Good Luck  To enter the contest goto ..


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    • Jayaseelan

      I like nokia very much, because it’s a part of my life. My nokia improve me lot based on the Inter person skills, IQ, Comunication, speaching, language & so on…. So, i thank to NOKIA,i love Nokia,
      All the credits are gose to only NOKIA.
      Nokia is wonderful, great, good, happiness etc
      Thank YOU – NOKIA

    • jayaeelan

      i use my Nokia 7610 since 2006, i’ts more than 4 years. My nokia is the only thing is the best in my carrier. My college life, it’s the time i relisied my handset features. It shows me the results for every inputs based on symbian application. It helps me lot. it improve my personalities & etc. i’m beacme a gentle person in the college. Every gave me respect.

      The all espects & the credits are gose to MY Nokia. Thank YOU – NOKIA.
      i can’t miss NOKIA anyway at anywhere

    • Knc Saravana

      naan enga ammakuda sandapottu vetavitu urukupoiten appa enuirpolla kudairundadu ennokiathan,enaku enammava parkanumpolla thonichu ennoda nokiavala enammakuda pesinen, aduenaku enamma enkuda erundadu polaerundichu, eppa naanum enammavum onnu sernditom.


    • Knc Durai

      I am chermakani in my first wedding anniversary my wife present me a nokia happy i today.i had more affection in my wife that also in my nokia cell.i love nokia very much.



      ”N” = Nee
      ”O” = Oru
      ”K” = Kathal
      ”I” = Identify
      ”A” = Air bus

    • Knc Durai

      I am chermakani in my first wedding anniversary my wife present me a nokia cell in past 10 happy i today.i had more affection in my wife that also in my nokia cell.i love nokia very much.


    • Rohan

      Hi I am Rohan. I have been using NOKIA mobile from the past 6 years. The first NOKIA which i used was NOKIA 1100. That was one of the best pieces the company has ever produced. It was my Dad’s gift. I like that very much. After that i used 6030 & 7210. I like the NOKIA OVI feature which is currently available in the latest generation mobile’s of NOKIA. My sister uses the NOKIA X6. This is one of the best mobiles in its class. The features are really good. I wish the company to release some more models with a various options to meet the latest technology and services.

      Thank you NOKIA for making me able to connect all my friends with a single touch.
      NOKIA not only connects people it connects the hearts and passes the feelings to our dear ones.

      Love you NOKIA

    • Siva

      Tamilaye konniteengale, :-)

      But romba feel panni ezhuthi irukeenga.

    • ayush

      our first mobile was nokia 3315 which my father bought in his aniversary and since that time in our family we are using nokia. it has became a part of life and i can very easily say that I LOVE NOKIA!!

    • Deepak Bisht

      My name is Deepak Bisht.My favorite n first mobile is nokia n-gage QD.One day the phone slipped out my hands from the 3rd floor balcony and fall on the ground..i thought that it is broken but when i went downstairs n pick it up their was not even a single scratch on the phone.Thats the best moment of life…

    • http://yahoo pratik

      i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee nokia very very very much because when my dad gifts me at my birthday. nokia i using nokia till now nd nokia features are besttt.i using nokia x3 xpress music it tooooooo good i using nokia from 6 years it became part of my life i wish that nokia will create many new pieces.

      i like nokia because it having ovi feature and many technology.thank you nokia for giving me happiness in my life by keeping me touch with my friends in single touch


    • kalsingh

      i love nokia very much its one of the best company in our world i like its all specifications chanless how ever nokia is the bst in the world i love nokia so cute

    • http://googli VILVANATHAN.S

      i have use N73, this my hart &lover

    • Jayaseelan

      Nokia is my special thing in myself,
      really i love my NOKIA
      Thank YOU – NOKIA

    • Jayaseelan

      Nokia is the best thing in my life , in my carrier it helps me lot. i can’t forgot my nokia…

      Thank you – NOKIA

    • Jayaseelan

      i use nokia past 4 years. it’s the mobile Nokia 7610. it’s one of the great mobile in the world,it improve me lot.


    • Krp

      i am just 17 year old but from last 3 year i use april 2010 i bought nokia e63 and mobile is mind blowing but on 22-8-2010 my mobile was stolen so i felt very bed i request my father to buy nokia n8 but in future if i will win nokia n8 i always thought my e63 go out becuase nokia give me n8.

    • Ravi yeduvaka

      I had been using the NOKIA 1110 model past four years.
      before that i had used many other compeny mobiles,they are not satisfied me(lack of low charging capacity).
      I think NOKIA ia the best over all in the mobile field.

    • Nainika

      m nainika…
      i had been using nokia as my mobile from past 3 yrs…
      its the best mobile…
      because of its charging quality…there is no better charging facility than nokia mobiles…
      there is no doubt its the best mobile using by everyone here….
      i still remember that because of its video calling facility i can talk to my dad face to face whenever he is china…or any other country…
      camera facility n its sound quality is just tooooooooo awesome…
      i used its sound quality to party at home…or a birthday parties…its memory support is very good…
      many of files/documents are saved in my phone memory…m writing this to know to know how best ther are how favourite they are here…
      they are just THE BEST…

    • Kamilabano

      my name is Kamila and I am big fan of Nokia Mobile Phones I”v been Nokia phones from past 6 years and it Nokia 3300 when i got my first cell i ws in 7th class and everybody was against me but my mom was i my favor and i used to use every single function of my mobile . I to play lots of games with my nokia mobiles as its keypad are superb now i have Nokia N79 this phone is amazing i m addicted to its functions like Fm transmitter , camera , pc suits through which i upload msgs .I can”t forget all those moment zooming frds pics and showing them their pimples , editing frds pics and adding mustaches and funny hats , laughing together after seeing those edited pics ,clicking pics in different poses >>>……..
      really nokia is the best no one can beat nokia neither android nor iphone……

    • Hit

      I’m Hit,I’ve heard a lot about Nokia mobiles & I would love to win a grand prize thru this competition(hope i’ll get a luck through).Nokia’s gifted me pleasurable moments in all occasions from past 9 years because our Nokia 1100 was bought in the year 2002,then was presented to my Mother & now it’s still working!!! I’m truly glad that the mobile’s originality is alive till present!
      A few days back my another mobile was stolen(not a Nokia one exactly) but it was Nokia1100 which retained my lost contacts…
      Thanks to Nokia & Nokia’s not only connecting people…Nokia’s connecting our lives.

    • chandu

      I like this phone….

    • Charul Manu6

      hi I am Chetan form Udaipur Rajasthan i use nokia silences 2002 i buy many nokia phones Npkia 3315,1100,2600,1600,3230,1650,3110c,2690,5130, i think The Nokia is the world best mobile phones my dream is i want use nokia n8. and my think is Nokia lo or Dikhao Apna standard in all world.
      Thank You Nokia we are love you.

    • Gk007bond

      hi! did you like nokia mobiles really! . no need to ask any one since this company itself is liked and attracted by everyone in the countruy. i too was having nokia 1100 but lost long back, again brought many mobiles eccept nokia company,but they did not work like nokia mobiles. so now iam trying to buy nokia touch screen mobile but iam unable to buy . know iam with no nokia phones so please let me win it, please.

    • Mohd Abbas Naqvi

      Jab Anna Hazare ne Bharashtachar ke virudh apna Andolan prarambh kiya tab chand log unke sath the. Bedag wale Anna ke sath Mai bhi sath ho liya. Usi samay mujhe ampne NOKIA ki tag line yad aa gayi. “Connecting People”. Bas bhir kya tha maine apne mitron aur rishtedaron ko NOKIA phone se is andolan se avgat karaya. Jaise-Jaise yeh andolan gati pakarne laga. Poora desh Anna ka samarthan karne laga. Maine man mein socha “Dar ke Age Jeet Hai” bas ek kadam barane ki avashyakta hai. Avashyakta hai aise Anna Hazaron ki jo Jantar Mantar hi nahi aise sabhi karyalayon par Baithe Jahan Bharashtachar ki kalikh se munh kala kiye Babu aur Dalal hote hain.
      Logon ke Akrosh aur Peera ka Lava bas dhairya ke muhane par phansa tha ki iske nikalne ki disha Anna ke roop mein mil gayee. English mei kahte hain “Edge is people were waiting for some one”
      Theek 97 ghanton bad Anna ke pas Lok tha tatha Tantra poori trah ghutne tek chuka tha. “Lok Jeeta Tantra Hara”. Turant hi maine apne NOKIA phone se un Mitron aur Sambandhion ka Dhanyavad kiya, jinhone mere kahne par is andolan ka samrthan kiya tha. Yeh mere Jeevan ka bahut hi Mahatvapurn MOMENT tha Jise maine “All is well” ka naam diya. NOKIA aur apne mitron, sambandhion ke sang yeh kah kar shaire kiya :

      Raat ko cheetra hua Jaise Subah ka Aftab aata hai,
      Dekhne vale gaur se dekhen, kis tarah inqlab aata hai.

      Mohd Abbas Naqvi
      The Printman
      15/61, Civil Lines, Kanpur-208001
      Phone : 9415777760

      • Karan Thakur

        Kya aap chu iye hai…..?

        It doesnt make any sense!!

    • Gopal Maina Das4

      Hi, my name is Gopal, I love nokia phone very much. Nokia is a gentle man phone. Now I am using nokia phone from 2005, now I am using Nokia 1616-2 model. The sound quality of this mobile is too good. Thank you Nokia for your standard quality.

      GUWAHATI – 781021
      PH.NO. 9706571581