Nokia India kicks off PDD Contest! Lumia 900 and a free Party waiting for you!


Nokia India have announced a fun filled contest around Nokia City Lens app. Nokia City Lens is the new Augmented reality app which combines the power of Nokia maps with your Lumia camera to explore the world in a fun hassle free way. Take your Lumia out, open the Nokia City Lens app and you can see the nearby resturarants or other points of interest right away in the screen.



Back to the contest part. Nokia India PDD contest involves two things 1.How you make good use of the City Lens and also 2.How good you are in organizing a Night Party. Sounds Fun?



Enroll your name right here in the special City Lens page in Facebook page . If you are one of the three lucky contestants you get a Lumia 900 on loan and also you get the change to organize your Night Party with the help of the Nokia City Lens app. Your party will be filmed by the Nokia India Production crew and will be posted on Social Media networks for voting. If you managed to get as many votes as possible you get a Lumia 900 for FREE! And also the runners up get a free Nokia Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 respectively.


Go Point.Discover.Do.


P.S: Read the PDD terms and Conditions if you have any doubts.