Nokia India’s Countdown to Nokia 808 PureView starts, Launch on June 6!?


Thanks to PureView Club who just spotted a new website called  by Nokia India . When you visit the site, it comes up with the clipping of a picture with options.

Pureview Countdown

You need to find where exactly the clipping is taken from. Select your option and click “See the Full Picture” . The site now shows up a counter saying “Nokia Pureview. Story within a Story” along with the big picture where the clipping belongs to.


Pictures. Many Stories. How many can you Discover ?


PureView Countdown


The counter was showing 111 hours remaining when I was writing this post. It points to June 6  as the PureView Day! Gear up with your email ID to get started.


Then comes the mail which says :

Thank you for your interest. Get ready to discover the hidden stories in every picture.

Stay tuned and you could start winning exciting  Nokia Goodies, including the next breakthrough smartphone.