Nokia Inviting All Innovators Contest on 2010

Hi frnds, Nokia plan to conduct a Big Event in this year and invites all Innovators. Nokia’s Calling All Innovators is all about inspiring creativity and developing change. Inspiring creativity in the projects submitted by developers working on mobile applications and content for use on Nokia’s latest devices.

The contest features four categories for application submissions which can be found below:

Eco/Being Green
Life Improvement

Eco/Being Green
Like its name implies, this category challenges developers to help save the planet with innovative, eco-friendly applications for use on Nokia devices.

Here’s your chance to submit apps that rock, and show off the coolest multimedia features that are available on the latest Nokia mobile devices. This includes music, multimedia and games.

This category seeks mobile applications that make consumer’s daily lives easier and help them to be more efficient, such as utilities, business, or personal finance applications.

Life Improvement
This category seeks applications that positively affect the daily lives of people living in developing countries, and may include education, agriculture, health and more.

This year, the contest also has a fifth category that truly stands alone:

Growth Economy Venture Challenge
Nokia’s Calling All Innovators competition has always been about trying to find the best big ideas for mobile applications from developers around the world. This year, Nokia is taking that desire to find big ideas to a whole new level.


The top 25 submissions in each of the four application categories (Eco/Being Green, Entertainment, Life Improvement, and Productivity) will need to ensure that their applications have been thoroughly tested using one of two remote device access services – either Remote Device access from forum Nokia, or Forum Nokia Virtual Developer Lab powered by DeviceAnywhere.

Additionally, the top 25 submissions in each of the four application categories will need to submit their applications to publish to Ovi and be in the QA process for publishing to Nokia’s Ovi Store. Forum Nokia will pay the registration fee (50 Euro per submission) for all qualified submissions.

The top three submissions in each of the four application categories above will receive the following cash prizes:

Grand Prize: $30,000 USD in cash.
2nd Prize: $15,000 USD in cash.
3rd Prize: $5,000 USD in cash.

Additional prizes for the category winners include for instance Spotlight placement in Nokia’s Ovi Store; a one-year membership in Forum Nokia Launchpad, and an in-depth User Experience Evaluation by professional consultants working with Nokia.

Special Prizes

All application submissions are eligible to win special prizes, too. These additional prizes are based on the type of technology used to create the app, or other award criteria, as noted below:

Best mobile computing application: $50,000 (USD) in cash, plus inclusion in a multi-million dollar global marketing campaign.
Best application for the Nokia N900: $50,000 (USD) in cash.
Best cross-platform application using Qt: $50,000 (USD) in cash.
Best locally relevant application with global potential: $15,000 (USD) in cash.
There are more opportunities to win than ever. Don’t miss the opportunity but start the development of your winning application today.

The deadline of entries is 18 May 2010.

How to Enter