Nokia Live View augmented reality browser

Nokia Live View is  “A new way to easily find information and services on the go”.

Nokia LiveView is a fun and easy way to discover what is around you. It comes with a augmented reality browser which opens the camera and shows the points of interest nearby. Nokia LiveView also supports sharing the location/point of interest via SMS and e-mail.  With LiveView you can:

  • Select your interests in many different categories – LiveView will filter the points of interests and present your choices
  • Know your options – get details, read reviews of restaurants and hotels
  • Enjoy the place – with one tap you can make a reservation, or navigate to the location via turn by turn walking map

Download the experimental beta —> Live View and dont forget to share your feedback.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Walk/Drive direction may not work with devices running Nokia Maps v3.08 beta
  • You may see black screen with LiveView app running in the background after exiting Nokia Maps v3.08 beta
  • It was observed that not having the right version of Qt (i.e. 4.7.3) may lead to a black viewfinder.