Nokia Lumia 800 Survives Two Story Drop

This is a guest Post by Amelia.

The Lumia 800 handset is pretty tough! Don’t you believe in that? Read on to learn more about how it has proven it has a really good build quality.

One of the users claims his one-year-old son accidentally dropped the phone from the window in a hotel room, which was on the second floor. Luckily the phone ended up a few inches far from the pool.

Nokia’s WP-based smartphone survived the drop without any obvious scratches. The polycarbonate case of the Nokia Lumia 800 came out to be pretty flexible, and that’s the reason why we have only one major loss — the firmness of the power button. Though the button is still functional, it looks as if it’s been moved from its original location.

Just keep in mind this test was performed accidentally, so there is no guarantee you will have the same outcome if you decide to repeat it and drop it from your window. Anyway, I should also mention the handset box includes a special protective case designed to make your handset even more reliable.

And lastly, considering the fact the Nokia N9 comes with the same built as the Nokia Lumia 800, we should expect to have the same firmness for this handset. We can’t say anything for sure about the Nokia Lumia 710 or any other phone from the Lumia line, but we hope they’re all just as tough as the 800.



Image Via HandHeld Blog