Nokia Lumia 920 + Nokia Wirless Charging Plate



Nokia Lumia 920 is the first smartphone from Nokia to come with wireless charging out of the box. To make use of the wireless charging feature Nokia introduced three wireless chargers for Lumia 920. They are

  • Wireless Charging Plate aka DT-900
  • Wireless Charging Stand aka DT-910
  • Nokia Wireless Charging Pillow by Fatboy aka DT-901.


Today we have the Wireless Charging Plate aka DT-900 to try.


Package :




As all the Lumia devices the wireless charging plate also comes in a identical Nokia product box. The charging plate is designed according to the Qi standards which is the global standard for wireless charging.




The charging plate comes in various color options like the Lumia 920. The charging plate we have here is in white color.




Back side of the box shows the box contents and product description.




Box Contents :




The box consists of Wireless charging plate, user manual of DT – 900, 1.8m power cable and power adapter.










The charging plate bears the Nokia logo in the middle where you need to place the phone to charge.




Back side of the plate consists of rubber lining running towards the edge to keep the plate in position.




The top side of the plate consists of 2.5 mm Charging Connector.




The bottom of the plate consists of  Charging LED which glows when the phone is placed.


 How it Works ? 







Connect the power socket to charging plate using the cable. That’s it the wireless plate is ready to charge your Lumia 920. Enjoy the seamless way to charge your Nokia Lumia 920 and the Lumia 820.








  • Suresh Pydi

    What is the use of plate then… connecting the plate with adapter and placing the phone on adapter…this is looks good but what they made here that without power no charging right? can’t i connect it directly to my mobile…i mean with out plate?

    • Absurd1ty

      My thoughts exactly

      • Siraj Soft


    • FaCu

      yes, can connect the phone like used to do. but the plate doesn’t work without energy :/



    • Ranjostones


      • Ranjostones


  • Badal Shah

    so first charge the plate and then the mobile…
    if this is the case then its lengthy process of charging.

  • Salman Khan

    its no use

  • lucas

    if its wireless then why is there a wire lol awkward

  • Venkatesh

    they say wireless because the wire doesn’t connect to the phone as we normally have. simply place the phone on the plate and when call comes, just pick the phone from the plate, answer the call and then place it again on the plate. effortlessly. this is a nice invention folks :)

    • Siraj Soft

      Well said :)

    • P Premjit Singh

      What about other uses of a phone while charging, which require
      movements, like chatting, surfing, gaming, texting and various others which we prefer doing while charging? The ‘wireless’ is making it more stuck.

      • Kuldip Pala

        nice question…………

    • deepak

      there’s nothing new this concept came with cordless iron.. no inention … any which ways you can’t carry this place to charge your cell phone

  • Premjit

    You can buy this item online, but the method is a bit different. Pay online at the comfort of Ur home but to collect you’ll have to go to store.

  • P Premjit Singh

    4.5″ display and weighing 185 g? Even a 5′ display phone doesn’t weigh 185 g, though I do not prefer such broad phones myself.
    Dual core, 1.5Ghz, 1GB RAM, 8.7 MP Cam, 2000 mAh Battery…. that’s the configuration for 15,000 Rupees, that too after paying more for being NOKIA. There’s no point buying this stuff, unless one is crazy after NOKIA.

  • Purushottam Dutt

    This certainly a wonderful innovation, the transfer of charge without a conductor. Amazing!

  • Satya

    Either I place phone on wireless charging plate or connect charging pin to phone, I don’t think that there is so much difference.

  • manish joshi

    keet it up…n do more inovativ…we r wating

  • Harsh Singhvi

    a completely useless device, forced upon the public in the lieu of the competition in the market which nokia cannot really compete with. please tell me how does this so called “wireless” charger help me conveniently charge my phone while using it. how does it make my life easier if i still have to connect the phone to the charge even if it is without the wires. this is just a gimmick………..

  • hemant

    if i have to be tech expert i will rate this is as useless invention , ratings goes same as it goes for much
    hyped windows vista launch, it sucked big time….

  • Harjot Singh

    If a solid connection is required, even if it doesn’t look like a wire, it is NOT wireless charging as the definition of Wireless goes.

  • Kovid Chhabra

    guyz buy the xperia z its much better

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  • Sunny

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz a nokia n8 be given to me plzzzzzzzzzzz i really don’t have cell this time plz

  • Sunny