Nokia MWC schedules are out. Time for a new PureView Flagship ?!?



The time has come for the World’s biggest Mobile Manufacturers event to kick off. Nokia have scheduled a press conference on first day of MWC Feb 25 Monday, at 9:00 A.M . Last Year Nokia set a milestone in Smartphone Imaging with the marvel Nokia 808 PureView. Nokia redefined the smartphone imaging experience with the whooping 41MP Camera and over sampling algorithm. Also the 808 PureView features the industry leading HAAC microphones to record low level bass and crystal clear audio. This year what can we expect!?? Lots of questions and also lots and lots of rumors surrounding the hype. ….


Verge and Flavio posted that the Nokia is planning to unveil its first PureView flagship running on Windows Phone 8 operating system. The Lumia 920 which launched under the PureView branding does bring the industry’s best low light imaging and OIS. But the expected Oversampling feature was missing. I think Nokia have worked out something extraordinary to fuse the OIS and the big sensor of the 808. As per the rumors this device will be the first PureView Windows Phone flagship from Nokia. Time to set the next benchmark it seems 😀 .





The rumors also suggest that the Nokia is also planning to change the fabula design language and bring new designs to Lumia portfolio with metal bodies instead of poly carbonate shells. The old Windows RT/Windows 8 tablet rumors are also back. I am not sure whether Nokia will introduce a tablet at this time. But anything may happen. Its gonna be a EPIC show at MWC.


I have been dreaming about Lytro like refocusing micro array lens setup in a smartphone. Whats your expectations ?  Let the countdown begin!