Nokia N8 Camera Update now Available in Beta Labs! Brings 30FPS, Continuous Auto Focus & Faster Cam UI!

Today Nokia released a Camera UI update for Nokia N8. This new update bring most wanted features like 30FPS video recording, Macro Mode and Faster Camera UI. The update also brings many features like

  • Ability to record video at closer distances
  • Smoother video of moving subjects or when panning
  • Faster access to scene modes, especially close-up mode
  • Exposure control in video
  • Viewfinder grid not effected by scene modes, camera exit/reopening
  • Smoother zoom
  • Settings accessed through one control point
  • Red-eye reduction performance improvements

From BetaLabs :

This application is an upgrade to the built-in camera application, for your Nokia N8.  It will look familiar to you, no doubt. It’s still the great N8 camera, providing superb results. We’ve just made it a little better by making some of the improvements we didn’t manage to squeeze into the Symbian Anna release.
  • We tweaked the UI, to provide camera aficionados faster access to essential camera controls
  • We improved the quality of recorded videos, by cranking up the video recording speed to 30 FPS and adding the heavily requested continuous auto-focus.

Read all the nitty-gritty details of the improvements in this post by Damian Dinning at Nokia Conversations

Download the Update here –> Nokia N8 Camera Update