Nokia N8 Custom Firmware Builder Now Available

The Modding scene returns. Yeah The Custom Firmware Builder for Nokia N8 aka Symbain^3 is here. The firmware editor is developed by Il.Socio the developer of Rompatcher++.

[box type=”warning”]PLEASE NOTE: this tool is very easy to use, but it is always a tool for expert and smart people, it is not for everyone! If you remove or replace some critical system component, your phone will dead at 100%, you have to know exactly which is the purpose of the files that you remove/replace![/box]

Now it is possible to edit ROFS and UDA easily, using drag & drop.

CORE and image can’t be repacked

Download Here:

Please Read:

[box type=”info”]N8 ROFS seems to be protected, so it would be better if you don’t mod it… but you can freely mod the N8 UDA/FAT! [/box]


– New: you can now create cooked fw for N8 (UDA/FAT only)
– New: added a checkbox to allow resizing of ROFS/ROFx images.
– Fixed: FAT/UDA editor wasn’t working properly.

– Improved: Log Window can be resized
– Improved: The OBY is created trying to keep the same file order as in the original firmware.
– Fixed: Warnings raised from the RofsBuild.exe command will be shown in the log window and the repack will complete successfully. If the RofsBuild.exe raised an error, the repack will not be completed.

– Fixed: Some ROFS file were skipped during the Rebuild if the file was in a very long path like:
“C:\Documents and Settings\Root\Desktop\NokiaCooker BETA 0.4.1\Files\private\10203636\security\trustroots\device\certificates\TMO_trusted_third_party_certificate.cer”

– Improved: ROFX Rebuild
– Improved: Shows warning messages raised from the RofsBuild.exe command

– New: FAT32 file-system is now supported. (X6 UDA is in FAT32 format)
– New: Extension Column in the grid. So you can easily remove unneeded languages files from the ROFS
– New: Experimental ROFx support… It should work but NEEDS TO BE TESTED!
– New: Automatically creates a Backup File when repacking firmware.
– Improved: FAT Detection
– Fixed: ROFS Rebuild for N97

[box type=”warning”]WARNING: Not all the ROFS can be modded! Modding a “protected” ROFS could brick your phone. If you haven’t successfully modded the ROFS of your phone before, I suggest you to edit only the UDA/FAT.[/box]