Nokia N8 First Custom Firmware Out Packed with Goodies

Its double combo time for Symbian^3 users. The Epic PNHT and Hyper-X joins hands for S^3 Modding.


  • Camera Mods integrated in UDA
  • Pre Hacked Firmware you can install unsigned apps and everthing!
  • Open4all enabled brings system files editing possbile

From PNHT and Team HX:

Hacked N8 UDA with FileBrowser and Camera Mods


Since about a month, PNHT and Team HX was the first to Hack N8 using a hacked installserver.

Until now we haven´t decided to make it public, just to sort/fix some things out. But the community seems to force us to do it.

What we can prove is, a FULL hacked phone (hacked installserver, no need to sign apps) and FULL access to sys\bin and private folder.

That means, you have also READ /WRITE access to those folders with preinstalled Filebrowser that is NEW compiled for Symbian^3

Plus, we give you the 30fps mode and 97 % photo quality mod too !

As for now, that´s not enough, you get the continue-autofocus too ! It has still a bug that is stuck in some sort of macro-mode, but we are sure that this will be fixed soon !

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Download (Hacked UDA) and Flash using the known Phoenix procedure


If you dont need camera mods and you need just need prehack download the files below and flash Thanks CodeRUS

1st part
2nd part

Donate PNHT Here

Flashing Tutorial

1) Download and install Phoenix 2010 cracked (can’t tell you where to download it from, look for it)
2) Download navifirm 0.4, and the HACKED UDA or PNHT UDA
3) Open Navifirm, and wait for it to load the Products list, then hit N8 (RM596)
4) Select 11.12 and wait for navifirm to load the Variants list
5) Use the search variants box at the bottom to look for the product code of your phone (you can find the product code on the transparent sticker which was on the back of your N8 when you bought it, mine is 0599857******, 0599857 is the product code) then hit MARK ALL, and then DOWNLOAD WITH THE PROGRAM, and choose the directory where you want to download the OFFICIAL firmware files
6) Once you have downloaded the official firmware files, copy those files to “C:/Program Files(x86)/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-596″ which is the directory where Phoenix will look to get the files it needs to flash the firmware to your N8
7) Connect your N8 via USB cable and open PHOENIX
Hit File–>Scan Product, and then hit Flashing–>Firmware Update
9) In the firmware update screen, you’ll see that Phoenix have found the firmware files of the official firmware you downloaded from navifirm (if it doesn’t find any firmware, add the directory C:/Program Files(x86)/Nokia/Phoenix in all the three boxes in Tools–>Options–>Product Location, and repeat step 8 ) , now hit REFURBISH
10) Now a warning dialog box will appear, telling you that one file is missing. THIS STEP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT. Do not click anything on the warning box, just minimize Phoenix screen, go to the folder where you downloaded the hacked UDA file (decompress the .7z file using peazip or 7zip first), and copy it to C:/Program Files(x86)/Nokia/Phoenix/Products/RM-596 .
11) If it asks you to overwrite say yes, then go back to Phoenix and hit yes on the warning dialog box. If it doesn’t ask you to overwrite the file, rename the OFFICIAL UDA FILE to something else (for example, if the name of the official UDA file is RM-596_011.012_U01.01_79.92_prd.uda.fpsx, rename it to RM-596_011.012_U01.01_79.92_prd_ORIGINAL.uda.fpsx) and rename the HACKED UDA to the former name of the OFFICIAL UDA FILE (the name of the hacked uda is RM-596_011.012_U03.01_79.92_prd.uda.fpsx, in this case you have to rename it to RM-596_011.012_U01.01_79.92_prd.uda.fpsx, which is the name of the UDA you download from navifirm)
12) Now go back to the Phoenix’s warning dialog box, and hit YES, and wait for the flashing process to complete
13) Done Now you can install unsigned apps and enjoy open4all patch.
[box type=”warning”]Warning: LoveMyNokia holds no resposibility if you bricked your device. Be sure what you doing. We wish you Good Luck.
  • Chitranks

    My N8 IS bricked after following the about procedure, now it will boot to a white screen only Phoenix no more detects the phone. Can you please help me resolve this please?


    • Chitranks

      Dead USB flashing resolved the problem, there were problems with the original firmware files, now all is well..!!! Good Firmware…

  • Nc-perezcan

    grate, whats wrong, i can`t use ovi store its no posible to download apps from ovi ,is it normal ??

  • Nc-perezcan

    grate, whats wrong, i can`t use ovi store its no posible to download apps from ovi ,is it normal ??

  • appleorangefruit

    can i flash the uda with jaf… please reply asap :) thanks :) i have faced worst experience with phonex a year back wid my nokia 5800 so dont want it to happen in this new n8.. :)

  • Ahmed Raoul

    nice 😀 

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