Nokia N8 FW 111.40.0904 leaked Brings Fp1 Task manager, New Widgets and New Browser V8

Nokia N8 Belle fp1


Try this at your own RISK


Nokia Belle Fp1 for Nokia N8 is here. Taylor over at Daily Mobile Forum have brought the brilliant stuff the N8 users have been waiting for!! The awesome Nokia Belle fp1 Task manager and New Widgets are here for the Nokia N8. Have a look at the video everything is pretty smooth.


From Daily Mobile Forum :

Nokia N8 Pro Edition V7


Marco Bellino Nokia Cooker
CodeRUS – A lots of mods..
Sklchan – Few cenrep mods
Ancelad – Tactile Feedback and few other mods.
andrenlsbr – Effects.
Symbiaddict : Rotation screensaver.
ivo777: Akku mod.
All Modders!


Modded By Taylor


-New Qt.

-New music player. Improved warning popup notes.

-New task manager.

-New browser.

-New Nokia Evolve theme. See you shared folder deleted apps.

-New Nokia Widget Pack!

-Installserver rom hack.

-Languange pack English, Hungary. Eueo3: Cestina-English-Deutsch-Magyar-Polski-Slovencina soon!

-Delete default wallpaper.

-Delete apps: Maps, Store, Shazam, Social, Adobe Reader, Quick Office, F-Secure, Communikator, Youtube, Ovi Music. MS Office pack.

-Effect by: andrenlsbr

-Browser cache: E

-Boot and log out: E:\\Anim\\startup.mp3, E:\\Anim\\startup.gif, E:\\Anim\\shutdown.gif, E:\\Anim\\shutdown.mp3

-Clear HS. Max 10db hs.

-All apps exit.

-Photo qualiti 95%

-Video 30 fps.

-Video macro auto focus

-EQ fixed.

-Logs improved

-RDS: Nokia N8

-Fota delete.

-Galeria mod.

-Message, clock, log, calendar,  removed from startup to save RAM. Searc manual disabled options menu.

-Music player search: Music.

-Browser download resumed.

-Nokia welcome and sms disabled.

-Ui optimalized and fast.

-Java premission mod

-10 HS

-Free effect change: E:\effects

-Full widgets!

-C: 218MB EN-HUN, 217MB Euro3.

-Rotation fast.

-Tactile fedback.

-Dictaphone 12H, 256 kbps

-Landscape screensawer.

-Music player screensaver.

-Rotation lock screen.

-All app rename.

-Free folder creation.

-USB OTG improved

-System sounds modded. Ringtone Nokia C64, edited I’m.

-Nokia Drop compatible.

-All widgets free change.

Original Nokia Boot and sound:

b]-Deleted files and restart:

All files copy: “C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596”

CFW download:


Cool Stuff eh ? Head over to Daily Mobile Forum  for more information.

  • Weexo

    According to the video above, it seems to be really cool.

  • Anas

    is it only for n8 I mean does it work on c7 ?

    • Siraj Soft

      Sorry it doesn’t :-(

  • Anas

    thnx for the reply

    • Siraj Soft

      Welcome buddy we will let you know when it gets released