Nokia N8 Hacked!! Enables installation of unsigned apps


[box type=”warning”]The below post is only for experienced modders not for end users[/box]

Nokia N8 is finally hacked by the install server method. This method is implemented by CodeRUS modder from Symbian-Freak forums. You cant normally install this hack. The installserver MOD is need to be injected in UDA file of the N8 firmware. The firmware can be edited by the Nokia Firmware Editor we posted before. By using this MOD you can install unsigned apps. But it dont open the system/hidden folders of the Symbian. We are waiting for IlSocio aka Marco to release RomPatcher app and Open4all MOD.

[box type=”info”]Greetings to:

  • CodeRus
  • Il.Socio
  • Leonapapa
  • wook
  • faenil
  • swmail


[box type=”download”]Download HERE[/box]

  • slipurson

    Why hack just to install unsigned apps, just sign and install :p

  • A Lacreuse


    Mon Nokia N8 est bloqué SFR.
    J’ai une puce orange.
    Pourriez vous m’expliquer en français la procédure de déblocage SVP.
    merci merci merci beaucoup mes chers