Nokia N8 Things what makes you Excited on First Look


As we reported earlier we got Nokia N8 from the good peoples at Bloggersmind. We got a Sliver unit of Nokia N8 you can check out the unboxing pictures of it .  We have posted some galleries about the device in various perspective as follows

1.Nokia N8 Vs Nexus One Size Comparison

2.Nokia N8 Dazzling Silver Gallery

3.Nokia N8 display compared with Nexus one and Nokia 5800

First Impressions of Nokia N8:

In the following post we have written about some of the features which you notice at first when you got an N8. Full review will be coming up shortly.

Nokia N8 Package:


The Nokia N8 comes in slim and sleek blue box. The box comes with engraved N8 image in the front and with specs in the back. The Nokia N8 pack consists of

  • Nokia N8
  • Nokia AC-15 Compact Travel Charger
  • Nokia CA-179 USB Connectivity Cable
  • Nokia WH-701 3.5mm Stereo Headset
  • Nokia CA-157 USB OTG Adapter Cable
  • Nokia CA-156 HDMI Adapter Cable
  • Nokia OVI Suite Disc
  • OVI Music unlimited starter kit
  • Nokia N8 User Manual

The box is made of recyclable material as the Nokia is eco-friendly.

Nokia N8 Build:


The Nokia N8 is made of unibody anodized aluminum which is scratch proof and it gives premium feel to the phone.


The top part of the phone consists of HDMI port , 3.5mm jack and power button.


In the left side of the device there are two slots for SIM and Micro SD card and also Micro USB pin connector.


The right side of the phone consists of volume rocker, slider lock key and camera button.


The bottom part of N8 have the 2mm charging port. The Nokia N8 consists of only one button below the screen. We had a feeling of missing the Nokia’s tradmark call and end key buttons. The screen is made of gorilla glass which is scracth proof as the body of the Nokia N8. The battery is inbuilt in the device. This is one of the well designed and well built device from Nokia with no creppy sounds in the panel of the device. Loved the two way of charging the N8. Whenever you plug the 2mm charger or micro USB cable the led near the microusb adapter glows indicating that the N8 is getting charged.

Whats NOT:

  • SIM slot and MMC slot need more pressure to get the flap out No nails make it so difficult to open.

Nokia N8 Software:


Whats Hot:

The Nokia N8 features the new Symbian^3 this symbian version is built from scratch so its free from stupid bugs. The software is fast and no lags in any part of the os. The OS features the new task manager and three homescreens which is uber cool. The task manager feels good when you have opened some five apps. The themes inbuilt with the device comes with animated background where the color of the background screen swicthes itself. The N8 supports Qt too. As Nokia said before the Symbian^4 is available for N8 when its ready. Excellent sync with OVI services with a single login. OVI music is so awesome pin less entry makes it so cool to download your favourite music albums for free. Social integration with contacts.

Whats Not:

  • Task Manager becomes more annoying when you have some ten or more apps in background wish we had a option to switch back to old taskmanager.
  • Browser need lot of workaround to make it so stable.
  • Portrait Keyboard layout is bad too hard to type wish we had the same old S^1 keyboard anyway swype makes landscape keyboard quite usuable but no portrait mode in swype :( .


The theme effects when turned on slow the homescreen better turn off for some faster homescreen switching.

Nokia N8 Imaging:


Whats HOT:

We are so much impressed with the Camera its MIND BLOWING and AWESOME. The Carl Zeiss 12megapixel auto focus camera with Xenon Flash takes stunning pictures.

Whats Not:

We feel the camera ui needs some polishing. The video from the Nokia N8 is awesome but we miss macro mode in video and so much less settings in video mode too.

Some Image Samples : [Click for original Image]

Nokia N8 Snap

Nokia N8 Snap

Nokia N8 Snap

Nokia N8 Snap

Nokia N8 Snap

Nokia N8 USBOTG:


Nokia N8 have the new USBOTG feature. The USBOTG allows you to coneect flash drvies and external memory storage to your Nokia N8 with the help of Nokia CA-157 USB OTG Adapter Cable . You can also connect usb accessories and Nokia mobiles with mass storage mode enabled.This feature allows you to play multimedia contents straight from the drives without copying them to phones memory.

Stay tuned for our detailed review.. Hope you enjoyed the first impression post. Letus know if you need to check any specific things in the Nokia N8. We will work it out asap.

  • Heinz

    Symbian^3 built from scratch? I only see the good old 5th edition :) Especially the browser. You should correct this. But good article :)

    • Siraj Soft

      Thanks Heinz but truth is they have written the symbian core from scratch anyway the browser is not improved that so true :( we are waiting for a qt based browser from Nokia in next update :)

  • Anonymous

    nice article and really liked the way you showed this device build.

    • Siraj Soft

      Thanks Krishna the photos were captured by N86. Btw i will be writing my full review in the coming weeks :) Check it out too :)

      • Shivaram Krishnan

        sure will wait for the review points.

        I have been seeing in my places on the review but not clear they point out.

        I love this device using it for the last 15 days…. thanks

        • Siraj Soft

          Cool :) taking some good snaps with N8 for reviews. So what color you got ?

          • Shivaram Krishnan

            That’s Black beauty

          • Siraj Soft

            Oh cool 😀 its called dark grey officially :) wish Nokia had a real black N8 😉

          • Siraj Soft

            Oh cool 😀 its called dark grey officially :) wish Nokia had a real black N8 😉

  • ☻☤drajaybalaji™

    hi folks i bought the new dark grey N8 and wow its stunning!!! but i don seem to have any ovi free music dlds :( :( nor any coupon ???

    • Siraj Soft

      Hi can you send me the box contents of Nokia n8 picture i can help you

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