Nokia N82 Robot which can dance,cry and do different facial expressions

Ji-Dong Yim a PhD student and Prof Chris D. Shaw from the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University in Canada have collaborated to create a robot using the combination of Nokia N82 along with components from a Bioloid kit. The robot have the ability to move in preprogrammed patterns when receiving phone calls from different numbers. The  robot is also capable to detect human faces using Open Source Computer Vision.  Yim says “It’s a simple avatar system” .

Robot’s face,  is actually  phone screen, registers text-messaged emotions as human-like facial expressions. The Robot is named as Callo. It can stand in one leg, waves his arms and smiles when he receives a smile emoticon. And do variuos actions for various emotions.

“I was looking for some ideas to bring robots into our lives,” Yim said when asked how he came up with the idea for the cellphone robots, the 33-year-old Surrey resident has worked on the robotic technology for more than two years.

Callo Robot Incoming Calls:

“Imagine you are video-calling with me through Callo,” said Yim. “When you move your robot, my robot will move the same, and vice versa, so that we can share emotional feelings using ‘physically smart’ robot phones.”

Callo Robot Gesture Messaging

Yim, a software developer for a small company, completed his master’s degree in product design. He says he hopes that Callo’s technology can be sold for everyday use, but right now he’s too busy finishing up his PhD to focus on marketing his product.

Callo Robot Gesture Animation using Hand Tracking

“We’re using them to explore ways in which we can help social robotic products, such as GPS, interactively communicate with people and build long-term intimacy with them,” Shaw said.

Via SymbianFreak