Nokia N86 Camera Review Part 1

The whole world is so much excited about Nokia N8 12 Megapixel Camera phone . But we gets our hands on Nokia N86 to check the Nokia’s first 8megapixel camera phone. WomWorldNokia friends send us a Nokia N86 to play with.

Sexy Nokia N86 Keys perfect designing :

The camera of Nokia N86 is Carl Zeiss Tessar 2.4-4.8/4.6 Eight Megapixel Wide Angle lens with Dual LED Flash . It takes mind blowing snaps without flash in daylight we loved it.

Have a look at some samples of it below:

No Flash Indoor Snap Love the Clarity the Carl Zeiss brings out


Nokia N86 Vs Nexus One:

Nokia N86 Daylight Snap


Nexus One Daylight Snap

Wide Angle Lens Demo of Nokia N86

N86 Snap:

Nexus One Snap:


See how wide the N86 lens is awesome!

N86 InDoor Snap without flash:
Nexus One InDoor Snap without flash:
n1 (1)

N86 InDoor Snap with flash:
Nexus One InDoor Snap with flash:
n1 (2)

If the Nokia’s Carl Zeiss eight megapixel can bring this much good clarity in pictures think how the Nokia N8 12mp brings out pics 😀 we are so excited to get hands on N8 soon. More to come soon we hope we get a N8 really soon todo a N86 Vs N8 comparison…

  • Carlos

    i have this phone and i love it… with all the apps i can install, without 3rd party apps symbian is nothing for me… hope programmers get involved with symbian3 then i will still on nokia