Nokia N900 And BH-905 in Da House Thanks To WOMWorld Nokia Team


Sexy Lookin Maemo N900

Maemo Beast Nokia N900 and Nokia BH-905 are here. All Credits goes to WomWorldNokia and team. Thanks to them for letting me trial those precious devices. I would call them a perfect pair.


Slide Out QWERTY is perfect :)

The Nokia N900 and BH-905 are revolutions in mobile industry. N900 is a well built device from Nokia powered by Maemo, a linux mobile OS, with a slide out QWERTY . The N900 feels great in hands. Lol i am saving some writings for my final review….


The BH-905 is another revolution in Bluetooth headset industry. Its awesome feels great. It have ten microphones built in with both earpieces. Eight microphones takes care of environmental noise and mute them. The other two cancels noise in calls. I am very happy to get those devices . Hands-on videos and First Impressions coming soon later….

  • Hari

    hey its g8t bro enjoy your trial

  • Siraj Soft

    Thanks bro 😀 Its awesome lol

  • Raid Recovery

    this nokia phone is really looking very cool

  • Desktop computers

    all the features ,applications lookings no one can beat them.

  • Desktop computers

    sweets phone….

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