Nokia N900 First Impressions By Avisek

First Impression of Nokia N900 from Avisek:

I requested for the trial N900 phone to Womworld. I had to wait some days as the they didn’t had devices..

But thankfully the wait wasn’t too long. After I got mail from them that the phone is available. The phone got delivered to me within 35 hours I think after they shipped it.

Thanks a lot to Womworld for providing me the trial device…

I took the phone out of the box and opened its back cover to place the battery in it.

I saw it didn’t have memory card slot on the side of the phone but inside the back cover.

It’s not below the battery but on one side.

So I placed the battery and closed the back cover.

The power key is at the top between the volume key and camera key.

After pressing the power key the phone started and the booting was fast.

The phone was running on latest firmware PR 1.2 which is much better then the old firmware.

After using the device for 2 days I came up with this.

What an awesome device it is!!!!

I fallen in love with N900

Its looks dam cool and the build quality is solid.

The slider is solid built you don’t have to worry about the slider.

The materials used are high quality nowhere you will find cheap materials used.

The phone is bigger (110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm) and heavier 181g then all the Nseries available.

Due to its size & weight you won’t be able to handle the device with one hand.

Both the hand is required to use it.

The device runs on Maemo 5 (Linux OS).

The Maemo 5 runs on ARM Cortex A8 clocked to 600 MHz processor.

It has 256 MB of ram which is enough I think after using the phone. But I think the processor which supports clocking to 1 GHz using it at 600 MHz is a down side.

Multitasking was great with that much amount of ram.


It has 4 home screens which is enough I think.

Having more home screens is kind of problem I thing as you have slide one after the other to see them all.





After using the touch screen I was impressed, its much better then that of 5800 and N97.

The touch screen response was very good. It isn’t a multi-touch screen but still it’s great and very much responsive.

There were transitions effects in UI every where and that looked dam cool.

32 GB onboard memory is enough to carry around your big song, video and movies collection. If you feel that 32 GB is not enough then you can expand it up to 48 GB with 16 GB Micro SD card.

The N900 supports charging via micro usb v2.0 which is pretty cool…

3.5” “TFT” screen is awesome for browsing internet, watching movies, gaming etc stuffs. The screen works well under direct sunlight. You won’t have difficulty in seeing things in the screen.

It has FM transmitter which is a good thing.

You can customise the home screen by adding widgets, application shortcuts, contacts, bookmarks, etc.

N900 has A-GPS which works great and the GPS locking is quick.

It has inbuilt accelerometer.

It has inbuilt proximity sensor to disable the touch screen during call.

The 5 Megapixel Carl Zeiss Optics camera is good and takes great pics. You can take pics at widescreen mode. It has dual Led flash which just ok.

The camera has lens cover which is good thing as you don’t have to worry about your camera scratch proof glass getting scratched.

Nokia messaging service and email client is nice.

The transitions effects are ever where and they looks dam cool. They increase the glamour of the phone…

The MicroB browser of Maemo is powered by Mozilla supporting Adobe flash 9.4.

The browser works great and I am impressed with it after using it for 2 days.

The browser supports full screen browsing to enjoy the big screen for browsing.

You don’t have to get irritated any more with only “Mobile Version” showing site.

You can enjoy every sit fully like you can do in your pc 😉

It has got stylus comes hand while browsing.


Audio player supports AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, M4A, MP3, WAV, WMA

It’s good but not great as you don’t get equaliser.

Video player supports 3GPP formats (H.263), ASF, AVI, Flash Video, H.264/AVC, MPEG-4, WMV, XVID

I really loved the video player.

Watching movies is great fun on N900.

It has got kickstand comes hand while watching movies.


The things I didn’t liked….

I didn’t like the speakers they are not loud enough to be heard when you walking around the streets or travelling by bus…

You need to apply the vibrate option to understand that you got a call, sms, etc.

I hope they were bit more louder.

The screen is a fingerprint expert lol

You need to constantly clean it to keep it clean

The metal lining is also fingerprint expert.

Ovi suite is not supported with N900.

Pc suite is supported but not fully.

The QWERTY is bit cramped.

But the key works great which is good.

I was having bit problem while using the keyboard…

It also tough playing games until you get used too the keyboard…

This all for the first impression on N900. I will be posting the main review soon.

So stay tunes friends. This is my first review so bear with me and don’t forget to post your comments and queries :)

  • Siraj Soft

    Nice one Avisek waiting for the final picture :)

  • avisek

    on the way bro 😉

  • Anonymous

    I must say, you have this down to a science my friend.